Wednesday 17 January 2018

A Happy Waking Dream About Teaching A Class: Post #2

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This week, we’re examining a congratulatory waking dream—something that most of us are not aware of experiencing that often. These types of dreams probably occur about as often as the kind of waking dream we are more accustomed to noticing—the kind that feels unpleasant. But because congratulatory waking dreams are fun and delightful, we forget to examine them on a spiritual level. That’s why a dream of this kind that is recognized and dealt with as a dream is so much fun.

As always, the first step is to isolate the symbols and for me to ask the dreamer to “tell me about” each one.

Tell me about…
* Courses in spirituality:  They’re opportunities for growing and for expansion, especially regarding our understanding of how the universe works.
* Wonderful turnout:  Lots of interest and enthusiasm, with people really willing to actively and conscientiously participate.
* Attendance dwindle:  Interest has waned.
* No one signed up:  The class was canceled due to no one showing up.
* Unconcerned:  It didn’t bother me.
* Sharing outwardly:   Spreading the message, the good news.
* Quiet and meditation:  Going within myself and being still.
* Prepared for an even larger role as a teacher:  I thought I was being honed for something bigger.
* House-hunting expedition:  We’re looking for a new place to live.
* Water:  It’s one of the crucial, life-sustaining elements. Some people even equate it with life beyond the physical; they see it as part of spirit.
* B & B:  A temporary accommodation with lots of atmosphere.
* Coastal town:  Off the beaten track, a bit eccentric, and sometimes special.
* Talk being given that evening:  Something with the potential to enlighten and teach, and it was happening right away.
* Tired and wanted to beg off:  Needed rest and solitude to recoup.
* Carpooling:  Sharing transportation to the event.
* Hostess:  The person offering us accommodation.
* Chef:  Someone who cooks meals for sustenance and pleasure.
* Organized a gathering:  A forum to share what I know.
* 20 people:  A large gathering.

Some initial observations
I wonder how much of this is about giving talks, and how much is about something else going on in the consciousness of the dreamer? So often dreams seem to be about one thing, and then, when we dismantle them and look closely, they turn out to have a theme that is completely different than what we first assumed. For example, look at just two of the comments this dreamer made in relation to his giving talks. He said, “I thought I was being honed for something bigger.” And, “Looking for a new place to live.”

Are those remarks about giving talks, or are they about something deeper and more fundamental within the dreamer? The dreamer feels that he is being rewarded for giving wonderful talks. He says that he feels that the universe is honing him for even more outreach. Perhaps that is true. But it is also possible that the honing process is preparing him for something that will take him in a totally different direction.

It will be interesting to follow his discoveries as he and I work our way through the dream and help unearth what will undoubtedly be a message of extreme importance to him.
Stay tuned!

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