Friday 19 January 2018

A Happy Waking Dream About Teaching A Class: Post #3

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This week, we’re examining a congratulatory waking dream. It’s a dream in which a series of pleasant and rewarding events took place in the dreamer’s life. Most of the time we don’t recognize these kinds of happenings as waking dreams; we’re too busy enjoying them to look at them as metaphor.

However, this dreamer took the time and effort to analyze the experience. He wondered what else he might learn from a series of events that happened unexpectedly and even seemed to transpire “magically.”

On Wednesday, he and I isolated the important symbols. Then I asked him to “tell me about” each one. What I was looking for was a metaphoric association he would make with each symbol. I recorded his reply, and now it was time to reassemble the dream in its metaphoric version. Below, I have simply retold his dream experience, but in place of each of his symbols, I have put the metaphoric description he gave of each one. I have also added phrases, throughout, to remind him that every symbol in his dream represents a facet of himself.

The dream, reconstructed as metaphor
Inside of me, there is a place where there are opportunities for growing and for expansion, especially regarding my understanding of how my own universe works. At first, I experienced lots of interest and enthusiasm within myself, with parts of me really willing to actively and conscientiously participate. But since then, interest has waned. The last class that I was preparing to have within me was canceled due to no one showing up. It didn’t bother me. There are times when I am spreading the message—the good news—inside of me. And then, there are other times when I just go quietly within myself and am still.

However, I thought I was being honed for something bigger. And, at the same time, my feminine and masculine selves are looking for a new place to live. We want it to be especially near one of the crucial, life-sustaining elements, which some parts of me even equate with life beyond the physical; they see it as part of spirit.

In the meantime, we’re in a temporary accommodation within me, with lots of atmosphere. This place in me is off the beaten track, a bit eccentric, and sometimes special. Here, in this place inside of me, there is something happening right away. It has the potential to enlighten and teach. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be involved because I needed rest and solitude to recoup. But parts of me all attended together, sharing transportation to the event.

During this transporting time, the part of me offering me accommodation, and another part of me who cooks meals for sustenance and pleasure, organized a forum to share what I know with myself. This event ended up being a large gathering of different parts of me.

Some observations
It never ceases to amaze me how dreams that are retold in this manner organize themselves into cohesive themes. What do you suppose this will be about? I doubt if it has much to do with giving talks. Tomorrow, we’ll ask the dreamer to share his own ideas.

Stay tuned!

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