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A Structural Engineer's Waking Dream: Post #2

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This week we’re following the adventures of a structural engineer-in-training who found himself in the peculiar position of having his work and his specs questioned by a client. This engineer has worked with dreams and he understands the concept of the waking dream. As soon as things started to go awry with his client, he began to observe little clues that came into his awareness, things he usually would not have paid any attention to. What follows is the continuation of his narrative.

A structural engineer continues his story
Normally, things like odd street signs or unsavory scenery wouldn’t make an impression on me. But that’s the great thing about the dream, especially the waking dream. If something seems to be going wrong, you can become what I call hyper-vigilant and start looking really closely at the environment around you. I have had this observant posture work both in support of something I was unsure of and, as in this case, work to warn me.

Once, I was preparing for a trip and a conflict arose that seemed to threaten the plan. I was going to visit an ailing aunt who was a special person in my life when I was growing up. Just as I was getting ready to pay for airline tickets and hotel rooms, I got word that her condition had worsened and that I might not be able to see her. I was in a quandary. I would be missing school and paying for travel arrangements that, as a student, I could ill afford. I didn’t know what to do, so I went into my hyper-vigilant mode and tried to get answers from the little clues that life was offering.

The first thing that happened was, in the morning, when I switched on my computer screen, there was a big ad, offering significantly reduced airfares to my destination. Then, out of the blue, I got a call from a friend who offered to drive me to the airport so that I wouldn’t have to leave my car and pay for parking. Then the real clincher was that a special high school friend was going to be in the same city as my aunt. I hadn’t seen him in years, and the synchronicity of his being at my destination location during the time of my visit with my aunt was pretty amazing. It was also what tipped the balance, and I went ahead and made my travel plans, knowing that, even if I couldn’t see my aunt, I’d at least have a visit with my friend.

Well, the trip turned out to be a wonderful experience. I did see my aunt. We had a great visit, and it was the last time I saw her; she died a few weeks after my trip. I also saw my friend which was an added bonus. And the thing that tipped the balance was watching for the important waking dream clues that life was presenting to me the whole time.

More on Friday.

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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

A Structural Engineer's Waking Dream

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This week we’re going to eavesdrop on the waking dream adventures of a student of structural engineering. He has had experience working with the dream, so when symbols started to present themselves, one right after another, he knew to be attentive. As you read, remember that waking dreams are events that happen during broad daylight while one is wide awake. Not always, but usually, they manifest as a series of strange, sometimes unsettling events.

A structural engineer’s strange story
I’m getting my degree in structural engineering. While I’m not certified yet, I have been helping a friend engineer some remodeling plans for his house. I came up with all the specs for his roof and the headers over the windows and doors—really pretty basic stuff. I presented my plans to him, but at the last minute he started to get nervous and wanted confirmation from a licensed engineer. I tried reassuring him, letting him know that, if I had even the slightest doubt or concern, I would have consulted one of my professors, but the specs were so typical, I wasn’t worried. Still, he wasn’t happy and insisted on taking me to a friend of his who was supposed to know a lot. So we got in the car and he drove me over to this friend. The first thing I noticed was that we were on “Division” street. Then we turned onto a street that had a big sign that read “Dead End Road.” On this road we passed a huge area where there were all these junked cars—really, it was an automotive graveyard. Finally, we end up at this guy’s house that is pretty disheveled-looking and has a big sign on the fence that says “No Trespassing.”

I know enough about how the dream works that I was starting to get pretty alarmed. Anyone of those clues on its own would have meant nothing. But when you get a bunch of them right in a row, it’s time to sit up and take notice. The guy in the no trespassing house starts looking at my plans, and the next thing I know, he takes a pen and starts crossing out my recommendations and numbers, and putting in his own specs. I have no idea where he got his figures from, but they bore no resemblance to anything I have learned.

When my remodeling friend and I got back, I suggested taking the plans and redoing them so that they were neat and not scribbled all over. My friend agreed, so I took the plans and immediately took them to my professor. He confirmed all of my own figures and went so far as to suggest that the guy in the no trespassing house was nuts. So I redid the plans, still using my own figures, and presented them to my friend. I haven’t heard a word since.

On Wednesday, we’ll let our structural engineering student continue his narrative. It will be interesting to learn where all this takes him.

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Sunday, 21 May 2017

NOTICE: Online Dream Class Starting

There are still two spots open for participation in an online dream class that will start in June. The class will run for 8 weeks with one 2-hour class per week. The times and day-of-the-week will be determined at the convenience of the participants. The cost for the entire course is $85. We will use Skype group conference calls, and we will generally follow the tenets as presented in the book Always Dreaming. If you're interested, please get in touch with me at

Saturday, 20 May 2017

A Lion In The Living Room: Concluding Post

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A dreamer had a lengthy dream in which she found herself cooperating with a lion in her living room. Yesterday we retold her dream as a metaphor; today we’ll ask her what she thinks this is about.

The dreamer tells her story
I am a relative newcomer to a large, enthusiastic and well-established family. I married my widowed husband only a couple of years ago, and frankly, it has been a struggle to find ways to establish myself and be accepted by his grown children, who now have their own kids.

How do I relate? I’m not really a mother figure to them, and I think it would be a terrible mistake to make that pretense. But I am married to their father/father-in-law, and that puts me in the position of making decisions along with him, decisions that affect these other adults. It’s very strange, and frankly, it is often uncomfortable.

I would like nothing more than to be considered a member of the family, but it has been slow going. Part of the issue is that I have tried to be as unassuming and unobtrusive as possible. I often feel as if I am tiptoeing around them all, trying not to make waves.

Recently, there was to be a big family reunion, and frankly, I was dreading how it was all going to go. I was already feeling that I was going to be sidelined by others. I really wanted the dilemma solved so that we could all just go and have a good time. One night, I was particularly stressed about it, and that was the night I had the lion dream.

The dream was amazing, timely and instructive. What it was telling me was that I needed to take the opposite approach from the one I had been pursuing. Rather than tiptoeing around all these people, I needed to bring my “kingly” self into the picture, front and center. I had been keeping this part of me at a distance—outside of my most intimate space—and instead, I needed to find a way to work with it rather than push it away. It was true that I was feeling nervous about making such a strong, lion-like impression on other family members, and that I might get into trouble as a result. But it was also true that I had to “go for it” and figure out how to make it happen.

Well, it worked. I won’t say that there aren’t issues still to be dealt with. After all, what family doesn’t have conflicts? But the gathering represented a huge improvement over what I had feared. Basically, we all got along fine, and there was even some expansion of friendship and trust. That was amazing.

What I found the most fascinating, is that the dream came before the gathering. Usually you think of dreams as a summing up of your own feelings. But this one was actually instructing me on how to behave in the future. I was so grateful!

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