Sunday 30 September 2018

Back From A Long Break

Hello, Readers

As some of you know, my wife and I moved from the Portland, OR metro area to the Oregon coast. I naively thought this would only take a month or two of my time. Here it is, nearly 6 months later(!), and I am only now starting to turn my attention back to my website.

My absence does not mean I have been neglecting dreams. I am currently teaching an online course in dream interpretation, and there are plans for another one to begin this coming winter of 2019. I have also continued to do individual dream interpretation sessions, both locally, via Skype and other conferencing programs.

I'm not quite sure what my website will look like now that I am back. I used to do a dream a week--four posts per dream. I found that pace frenetic, so I may try a different approach. In any case, stay tuned. More good dream info and tips are on the way.  David

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