Learn Dream Interpretation


The techniques for working with dreams are easily learned, and exploring dreams can be lots of fun. In a series of ten classes, I teach a simple, five-step method of dream interpretation that anyone can master. During the first class, I give a brief introduction to the dream-interpretation process, and then offer one or two short dream samples for the class to look at and work with. Or, if someone already has their own dream they'd like to examine during this first session, that is a welcome alternative.

As the weeks progress, classes will offer each student the opportunity, not only to analyze his/her own dreams, but to assist his/her classmates during each step of the interpretation process. Usually, classes begin with me offering a short talk, clarifying some aspect of a dream's characteristics, or going into greater detail about an interpretation technique. After this brief introduction, the class will delve into the dreams that class members choose to share. Everyone has the choice to participate, or to observe quietly without interaction, although class members often surprise themselves at how enthusiastic they become. 

Can't Remember Any Dreams?
One of the most extraordinary understandings that has come from dream research in the past half century is that a person can examine unusual events of normal waking life, and treat them as a dream. Even if you don't remember the dreams you have while sleeping, you certainly remember the peculiar, repetitive, or sometimes, shocking incidents that everyone experiences from time to time during waking life: A near-miss with an automobile that leaves your heart pounding. The time you were in a hurry to get to an important meeting and you dropped the keys to your car down the sewer grate outside of your office building. The week that you heard, not only from one old friend, but from four different buddies with whom you hadn't talked in years.

These kinds of incidents from every day life--called "waking dreams"--can be interpreted the same as "sleeping dreams"--the normal dreams that many people remember upon awakening in the morning. In either case, the insights these sleeping and waking dreams provide the dreamer can be helpful; sometimes the messages are profound. In fact, during a ten-week course in dream interpretation, it can feel as if the total time allotted is insufficient. If that should happen, it is easy to add a class or two at the end.

Do you remember a recurring nightmare from childhood that you always wondered about? Did anything recently happen during your waking life that left you scratching your head at the bizarre nature of life? If you feel like it, share these incidents with your classmates and learn the techniques of interpreting them as dreams. You might be surprised at the "messages" these dream-experiences contain. In fact, they might just change your life.


Dreams can be deeply personal, with their content upsetting or embarrassing. There are those who prefer to discuss such intimate matters in private. There are also others who find it impractical to attend a class. For anyone who wishes a private session with me, I offer such meetings, either in person, or via telephone or Skype, for a fee of $40 per dream interpretation. Please get in touch with me via email at:   teacher.of.dreams.2023@gmail.com   to arrange such a meeting.

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