Friday 29 December 2017

A Dream About A Broken Cello: Post #3

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We’re examining a dream about a broken cello. On Wednesday, I published the dreamer’s thoughts about the symbols and what metaphoric associations they had for him. Now we’ve reconstructed the dream leaving out the symbols, and in their place, adding the comments the dreamer made about each one. I have also added phrases to help remind the dreamer that all aspects of the dream represent parts of himself.

The reconstructed dream
I am earning my keep; doing what I do to contribute and pay my dues. I’m in my own inner place of business, and in this case, where I learned my craft, my schooling. All parts of me had to take note and address an issue that we had allowed to languish. It involved a device in me that is used to make sound, hopefully in a beautiful way. Although this device can certainly go high, it’s most known for a deep, resonant quality of sound that represents the vibration inside of myself. It’s one of the key elements in my living. I use it for untold numbers of things. It can either uplift, or be pragmatic, or it can be destructive. It was time for it to be renewed so that it was useful and beautiful again. The burden and task was on my shoulders; I was the one who had to make good on the job. I had to begin immediately. The part of this device living in me that needed work was the piece that reflects the sound vibrations out into the air. It’s really the main amplifier. This piece is made of the natural, organic material that the entire device is made of. It had become rotten over time. It no longer had substance. Ideally, I needed to get rid of the rotted material inside myself and put something stronger with more integrity in its place. But there are parts of me that have given this old piece value because of its age—it’s like veneration. These are the parts of me who were responsible for making final decisions.

Instead, I used an expedient shortcut which really would only solve part of the problem. As long as no parts of me tried to actually use my device, it would give the appearance of being alright. It would be disappointing if any part of me ever attempted to use it for its intended purpose.

There was a place on this device that had suffered in a particularly prominent way. I used a substance within me to help disguise damage and to make things look nice. But I usually try not to use it any more than I have to. I was using it in an excessive way. All the parts living inside of me were putting our heads together. My methods were unorthodox and, frankly, questionable. I was trying to justify my approach. The other parts of me were calling what I was using a glue that we would never use on this device. I didn’t know what to call it, and I went looking where we store supplies. This stuff was missing, probably in use.

This dreamer seems to be struggling. We’ll ask him about it tomorrow.

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