Monday 11 September 2017

A Waking Dream About Dimes

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Dreamers come to my classes and workshops from a variety of backgrounds, belief systems and experiences. Sometimes they are well-educated in their own dream concepts—although even among the most experienced the idea of the waking dream tends to be new.

Then there are others for whom the whole idea of dream work is bewildering and a bit suspect. For those individuals, just grasping the role of metaphor in traditional “sleeping” dreams is plenty, and incorporating it into their experience is hard enough. When you stretch their understanding further by suggesting that all of life—sleeping and waking—is primarily a communication through the medium of metaphor, it can be a bit much.

This was the case with an enthusiastic dreamer who recently attended one of my classes. When she was introduced to the concept of the waking dream, she politely said, “Intellectually I understand what you’re saying. But since I have no personal experience, I’ll have to hold off and reserve judgement until I can see something happening in my own life.”

Whether it was true that she had never experienced a profound waking dream or had simply not recognized the ones that had presented themselves to her, her sudden initiation into the world of metaphysical phenomena was impressive to put it mildly. In fact, there were times when the waking dreams were coming so swiftly and dramatically, it was almost comical. While some of the experiences she’s recently had have been positively awe-inspiring, the one I will relate below is delightful in its simplicity and light-hearted humor. And now that she has been thoroughly initiated into the world of the waking dream, she has picked up every cue presented to her!

I will preface her story by reminding my readers that, over the past couple of weeks, the beleaguered United States has been the target of a number of natural disasters, including hurricanes, tornados, wildfires and even a small earthquake. This dreamer lives in one of the danger zones and was obliged to evacuate. Her waking dream occurred during the frantic hours just before her departure, while she was madly racing around trying to decide what to bring and doing all she could to secure anything that might conceivably survive the tumult of what was to come.

A waking dream about dimes
I was exhausted for one thing, and there was the stress of trying to make sure I’d done all the prep work I could. I live by myself and I have a big piece of property with a couple of buildings on it. The first dime I noticed was on the front stoop, right outside my door. I don’t use cash so I just shrugged it off as something that a delivery person had dropped. But then, as I was out in the back shed, I saw another dime sitting on the fender of my riding mower. So I’m thinking to myself, “That’s weird.” And then, I was pulling some clothes out of the dryer, ones that I wanted to take with me, and perched on the very edge of the dryer tub—right at the door was a third dime. Is that wild or what!

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