Wednesday 13 September 2017

A Waking Dream About Dimes: Post #2

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So many dreams—waking and sleeping—are gripping or upsetting. Some are downright shocking. It isn’t that we don’t have important dreams that are pleasant, it’s just that we tend not to pay much attention to the more joyful ones. Typically, when we have a happy dream, we delight in the imagery, feel really good remembering it, and then stop our analysis right there.

If the dream message is really important, it will then revisit us, but in a guise that we are more likely to pay close attention to, namely, a guise that is unpleasant.

That’s why I am featuring a waking dream this week that is lighthearted and amusing, all about finding dimes in weird places. The dreamer recognized its importance immediately and we went right to work on it. As always, we isolated the symbols, and then I asked the dreamer to “tell me about” each one. I was hoping she would provide me with a metaphoric association with every symbol. And that’s exactly what she did.

Tell me about…
* Being exhausted:  My energy was spent. I had nothing left to give.
* Stress:  It’s a sense of not being equal to the task at hand, that there could be requirements of me that I was unable to handle.
* Done all the prep work:  There was a storm brewing and I needed to make sure that everything was safe.
* Live by myself:  I’m independent which I really like. But it means I have no one else I can rely on. It’s all up to me.
* Big piece of property with buildings:  It’s my environment, where I live. I love it—and have loved it for a long time. But I’m getting the feeling that it may be too big for me now. It may be time to downsize. The buildings are all structures, and I don’t need so many structures.
* Dime:  Well, it’s a coin. And oh boy! There is so much metaphor associated with dimes: Turn on a dime. Change. Loose change. Small change. Pocket change. Silver. 10%.
* Front stoop: It’s where you enter the main structure of my environment.
* Cash:  It’s currency, but it’s unsecured. If you lose it, it’s gone and you don’t get it back.
* Delivery person:  Someone bringing me something I have purchased or requested.
* Dropped:  Let slip and inadvertently lost.
* Back shed:  A storage building where I keep gardening and maintenance tools.
* Fender:  It provides protection from flying debris and also from getting caught in the moving parts of the vehicle.
* Riding mower:  It’s used, really, for grooming and maintaining the grounds of my property.
* Clothes:  It’s what I wear and how I appear to the world.
* Dryer:  The clothes have been cleaned and renewed, and now the cleaning process is being evaporated away, so that the clothes can be useful again.
* Edge of the dryer tub:  It was perched precariously and it’s amazing, first, that it got there somehow, and second, that it stayed there. But it was certain that I would see it.

Initial thoughts
This waking dream had elements of pixie humor and prankster-ism. But even a reading of her comments above suggests that the message is profound. More on Friday!

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