Friday 15 September 2017

A Waking Dream About Dimes: Post #3

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We are looking at a lighthearted waking dream about finding dimes in unusual places. The “dreamer” was getting ready to evacuate prior to a tumultuous environmental event, and as she was preparing diligently, dimes would show up in odd locations, even though she doesn’t use cash.

On Wednesday, we isolated the dream symbols, and I asked her to comment on each one, offering a metaphoric association. Today, I am restating her dream. But in place of her symbols, I am inserting her descriptions of them. I am using as many of her own words as I can. However, I am also inserting short phrases like, “There is a part of me” or “inside myself” to remind her that all of her dream symbols are facets of herself.

Restated dream
I am in a space within myself where my energy is spent. I have nothing left to give. I’m feeling a sense of not being equal to the task at hand, that there could be requirements of me that I am unable to handle.
There is a storm brewing inside of me, and I need to make sure that everything is safe. I’m independent which I really like. But it means that I have no one else to rely on. It’s all up to me.

I’m in the place within myself that is my environment. It’s where I live. I love it—and have loved it for a long time. But I’m getting the feeling that it may be too big for me now. It may be time to downsize. There are structures that have been built, and I don’t need so many structures. Then I find within me an unsecured currency that is all about change. Loose change. Small change. Pocket change. It’s silver. It implies “turning on a dime” which means being flexible and ready to go in a new direction. But if I lose it, it’s gone and I don’t get it back. It also implies only a partial percentage of the whole—10%.

I find this currency of change at the entrance to the main structure of my environment. I suspect some aspect of myself that was bringing me something I had requested or purchased let this currency slip and inadvertently lost it. Then I find it again in the structure in myself where I keep gardening and maintenance tools. I find it resting on the protection I give myself from flying debris and also from getting caught in the moving parts of my vehicle—the one I use for grooming and maintaining the grounds of my environment. Finally, I find this currency of change in the structure that I use to maintain what I wear and how I appear to the world. What I wear has been cleaned and renewed, and now the cleaning process is being evaporated away, so that what I wear can be useful again. This currency of change is perched precariously, and it’s amazing, first, that it got there somehow, and second, that it stayed there. But it made certain that I would see it.

Suddenly, a lighthearted dream has important—even profound—observations to impart. Tomorrow, we’ll ask the dreamer for her thoughts.

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