Saturday 9 September 2017

A House Won't Sell In A "HOT" Real Estate Market: Concluding Post

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When a dreamer analyzed her waking dream about her late mother’s house not selling, there were some unusual metaphoric images. One image involved the word “bigotry.” Understand that, in the case of this dreamer’s symbolism, “bigotry” has nothing to do with racial discrimination. Instead, this is a description of the dreamer’s own internal biases, her adamantly held beliefs and habits that are getting in the way of her own expansion. These kinds of biases are common to us all.

Another symbol had to do with the part of her that “brought me into life.” This, too, is a common dilemma. An epiphany stimulates us to grow positively in a certain way. For a while, our new understanding or approach to life serves us well. But inevitably we experience another growth spurt, and our former understanding no longer fits. Nevertheless, we are reluctant to let the old self go, because it was honorable and did so much to bring us to our current understanding of life. The “protective base” that the dreamer spoke of is “not me” any longer. Yet it can seem almost unconscionable simply to dispose of it.

Let’s read what the dreamer, herself, had to say about all this.

The dreamer discusses her own dream
Yup. That’s me for sure. I guess it’s pretty classic. For quite a while I’ve felt the pull and the “call” to live life a totally different way than I have before. I feel the need to be much more spontaneous and free in my approach. Up to now, I’ve been a rule follower. But I’m getting the message that it’s time to break through some of that. And, yeah, it’s scary. That voice inside my head keeps warning me that I’m walking on thin ice. Every time I start thinking about doing things in a different way, I get these alarm bells going off: “What’re people going to say? You’ll get yourself in trouble. Don’t be a fool.” Stuff like that.

But I’m also starting to notice a different kind of guidance system inside of me, one that doesn’t always follow the beliefs of my upbringing. And that’s where I can get stuck. I’m pretty sure that’s what the dream’s trying to tell me. I keep trying to salvage part of the old me. But the dream’s right. There isn’t any part of me that wants to hang onto that old stuff; I want to be free of it.

I think mostly I just need courage. This all seems like such a leap of faith. You talked about starting with small issues—ones that don’t really matter—and maybe that’s the way to go. I like your idea of doing the laundry or loading the dishwasher in a way that is different than anything I’ve ever done. That’s silly enough that I can try it without feeling guilt. I’ll start there.

We’re not done
One of the premises of dream work is that the dream symbol is there to inform and advise. If the advice is heeded, then the dream symbol should go away. If this dreamer starts to live a new kind of life, will her mother’s house finally sell? We’ll find out.

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