Thursday 7 September 2017

A House Won't Sell In A "HOT" Real Estate Market: Post #2

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A dreamer in Texas is in the middle of a waking dream that doesn’t seem to go away. She is trying to sell her late mother’s home, but despite a seller’s market, and despite her mother’s home being in excellent condition, she is having no luck. She has decided to treat her dilemma as a waking dream. She and I are going through the whole process of dream interpretation to see if there is a message that life is attempting to deliver. On Monday she told the dream. Today, I will share the results of our “Tell me about it” dialogue.

Together, we picked out the most important of her dream symbols, and then I asked her for a response to a neutral question, as neutral as I could conjure up. As is usually the case, I started by asking the dreamer simply to “Tell me about” each of the symbols.


* Dallas:  It’s a big metropolitan area with lots of diversity. Of course, it has that Texas feel to it—highly independent and pretty stubborn, too. There is plenty of bigotry, but most people who come there for the first time are also surprised by the degree of openness, diversity and cultural richness. Really, if you look for it, you can find just about anything here you are interested in.
* Real estate market:  It’s where you try to change the ownership of a home. One person is done with it and another person is, hopefully, interested in it, and you hand it off to someone who will benefit from living there.
* Home:  It’s where you live. It’s your protective base and where you have your most intimate, personal belongings, memories and keepsakes.
* Market on fire:  There is rapid movement and exchange of properties.
* Seller’s market:  That’s when it’s easiest for the person who wants to be done with the home to pass it on to someone else.
* Sole member of my family in charge:  All the rest have opted out for one reason or another. It’s all up to me and I feel the weight on my shoulders.
* Mother:  She’s the one who brought me into this life, nurtured me and set me on the straight path. We had a good relationship.
* Her beautiful home:  Well, it’s gorgeous and in great shape. But strangely, it’s not “me.” I don’t identify with it. I go there, admire its beauty, but feel strangely detached from it.
* Bidding war:  It’s where people are competing to acquire the home. They keep upping the ante so that they can be the one to live in the desired place.
* Not even a nibble:  There is no activity at all. There is not even interest expressed.
* My Mom’s final illness:  She died in her home, and whenever that happens, there tends to be personal energy left behind. I cleared them all out so that the place was neutral for anyone new coming in.

What becomes apparent from reading the dialogue above, is that I treat aggravations that occur while the participant is awake, exactly like dreams. It has been my experience that there is almost no difference between the sleeping and the waking state.

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