Monday 4 September 2017

A House Won't Sell In A "HOT" Real Estate Market

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I can’t believe this! I live in Dallas which, at the moment, has a real estate market that is on fire. It is definitely a seller’s market. I am now the sole member of my family in charge of selling my late mother’s beautiful home. Every home around it not only sells quickly but even gets involved in a bidding war. But mine? It’s been on the market for months without even a nibble. What’s going on? The house is in great shape. I even did a cleansing ceremony to free it of any possible energies left over from my Mom’s final illness. I know it’s clean on every level, but it won’t move. And I would dearly love to be done with this responsibility.

Why do circumstances like this arise? What could explain a predicament like this that seems completely out of character for the current norm? The unfairness of it almost seems punitive. Is life being mean? When we are immersed in similar frustrations, is the universe picking on us? Are these kinds of events arbitrary glitches in the otherwise-smooth running of Planet Earth? Did life make a mistake?

Last week on this blog, the discussion was about odd phenomena that cause us to stop and take notice. The most startling of the examples had to do with a famous nineteenth century composer of music who wrote a piece for piano, only to discover that his sister—independently—had written a nearly identical piece. The discussion focused on the idea that what was startling about this incident was that it didn’t follow a pattern that we are accustomed to: How often does it happen that two creative individuals—in any field—come up with exactly the same results without communicating with each other?

As stated last week, it is precisely the startling, atypical nature of the event that life is interested in. Life is trying to draw our attention to a message that it wants to deliver. And what better way to make us sit up and take notice than to do something odd?

In regard to the topic this week, the trouble with houses that don’t sell in “hot markets” is that the circumstance is reasonably common. Our tendency would be not to pay much attention to it. But it’s the same phenomenon as that highlighted in last week’s discussion: Life has something important to relate to a dreamer in Texas, and it is using the annoyance of a stalled house sale to catch her attention. Fortunately, this dreamer is well aware of the waking dream phenomenon, and she knows to step back and look at the “glitch” she is experiencing as a metaphoric communication.

Although she has an impressive track record when it comes to working with her own dreams, she came to me for help anyway, because she wanted to make sure she got all the details right. Not only did she and I work through the dream message—the results of which I will share this week—but then we are going to follow what happens to her house now that she has gained the insight that her waking dream was communicating to her. Stay tuned!

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