Friday 4 August 2017

A Dream About Hairy Teeth: Post #3

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A dreamer dreamed that she was trying to get rid of hair growing out of her front teeth. On Wednesday, I showed how she and I isolated the symbols, and how I asked her to comment on each one. 

Today, I have reassembled her dream. Using her own words, I have replaced the original symbols with her comments about them. I have also added short phrases like, “There is a part of me…” to remind her that every image in her dream is an aspect of herself.

As you read, try and distance yourself from the odd specifics of the dream as it is retold in this fashion. Instead, follow the themes.

The retold dream 
 There are parts of me that are gathering together to discuss important matters. We’re in a group of more than one or two. The other parts of me are like me: humans and like-minded individuals. But I felt disoriented in this meeting; I didn’t know what my location was. The atmosphere was all business. There was no playfulness or recreation. I didn’t recognize any of these other parts of myself. I felt like an outsider. I was making an effort to communicate with these parts of me; I was trying to converse with them. But it was odd, unusual, unexpected and unpredictable, because I was wanting to establish contact and wishing to make my presence known. Yet I had the feeling that this was not happening. Through it all, I was troubled by the growth of my initial defining feature. This growing part of me is practically the first thing I notice about myself. It was growing out of the part of me that bites into something—it’s not for chewing. It was all happening in the part of me that takes in nourishment and where I express myself and make myself known. In my effort to stop this, I was passionate and single-minded to the exclusion of everything else. I was trying to eliminate it and get rid of it. I was trying to wrench it away, grabbing it and tearing it from me. But it kept regenerating itself and expanding no matter what I tried. This new, growing part of me didn’t look like the typical me. I never have the patience to let this part of me grow. But it had light; it was light. It was healthy, smooth like a child and naturally shiny.

Initial thoughts  
It seems that the dreamer is uncomfortable with something unusual that is happening within her. She feels disconcerted because it doesn’t “look like the typical me.” She goes on to say that, “I never have the patience to let this part of me grow.” She even makes an effort to stop it from taking place. Yet, at the end of the dream, she describes this new part of her as “light” and “healthy.”

So often when we are faced with expanding in a new direction, we resist, even when this new direction is exactly the one in which we should be going. The dreamer is “biting into something” that is “healthy, smooth like a child, naturally shiny” and “it has light.” Tomorrow we’ll ask her what this might be.

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