Wednesday 2 August 2017

A Dream About Hairy Teeth: Post #2

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A dreamer had a dream in which she found herself trying to pull hair out of her mouth, hair that was quickly growing out of her front teeth. 

Because the symbols seemed so peculiar, it was really important that we isolate and analyze them carefully. The meanings of some dream symbols are fairly consistent from dreamer to dreamer. But teeth and hair can have a variety of metaphoric associations.

As I worked with her, my job was to stay as non-directive as possible. Any question that might imply an answer could skew the results. For example: “Would you say your front teeth can be used for biting off more than you can chew?” Even though that might be an appropriate association for me, as you will read below, her undirected reply was different.

Instead, I gave her as neutral a prompt as I could. I simply said, “Tell me about teeth.” In this way we went through every one of her dream’s symbols. (Scroll down to my last post to read the original dream.)

Tell me about…
* Meeting:  Gathering together to discuss important matters.
* Several:  A group of more than one or two.
* People:  Others like me, other humans, other like-minded individuals.
* Not sure where I was:  I didn’t know what my location was; I felt disoriented.
* Professional atmosphere:  All business, no playfulness or recreation.
* Not knowing who I was with:  I didn’t recognize anyone; I felt like an outsider.
* Speaking to:  Communicating with someone, conversing.
* Strange part:  Odd. Unusual. Unexpected. Unpredictable.
* Talking:  Wanting to establish contact, wishing to make my presence known.
* Hair:  It’s the initial defining feature of anyone. Practically the first thing you notice.
* Front teeth:  You bite into something with your incisors. You’re not chewing.
* Mouth:  It’s where you take in nourishment and where you express yourself and make yourself known.
* Obsessed:  Passionate and single-minded to the exclusion of everything else.
* Removing:  Eliminating, getting rid of.
* Pulled:  I was trying to wrench it away, grabbing it and tearing it from me.
* Grew:  It kept regenerating itself and expanding no matter what I tried.
* Long blonde:  That’s unlike my own hair; I never have the patience to grow my hair long. And the blonde part meant that it had light; it was light.
* Smooth:  Not curly. Healthy; smooth like a child’s hair; naturally shiny.

Some observations:  When I began working with this dreamer, she wasn’t sure what to make of these odd symbols. In addition to being strange, there is an element to them that is creepy. They are certainly not the kind of images one would associate with being congratulated. And yet, as we will discover over the next couple of posts, this dream is urging her to continue in a new and constructive direction in her life. It is reassuring her and telling her to stay her new course.

Why the weird imagery? Because the dream message is so important that her inner, intuitive self wants to make certain that she doesn’t ignore it or pass it by. The dream gave her mind something peculiar to ponder, and that is why she brought the imagery back into consciousness.

On Friday, we’ll reassemble the dream in its metaphoric version.

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