Saturday 5 August 2017

A Dream About Hairy Teeth: Concluding Post

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A dreamer dreamed that she was growing blonde hair out of her front teeth. Throughout her dream she kept trying to prevent this from taking place. She worried that the blonde hair was not like her, and that she never had the patience to grow her hair long. Yet in her analysis of the dream, she described this hair as full of light, like a child and healthy. Her dream seemed to be suggesting that this childlike quality that was full of health and light, and that she was trying so hard to eliminate, was actually a good thing.

I suggested that often we resist new directions that seem atypical or strange. As such, it would be useful for her to try and pinpoint what was currently taking place in her life; dreams deal with issues relevant to the present moment.

That doesn’t mean that dreams can’t reference the past or predict the future; they often do those things. But even a dream that describes a past life only does so because the unresolved themes of that life are still relevant “in the now.” The same is true of dreams pointing to the future. Those events that are to take place in our lives occur because they act out themes that we are grappling with in the present moment. Dreams come to us to provide us with instruction and insight. They are trying to smooth the way and help us take the necessary “next steps” for our personal growth.

As is often the case, the themes that we are working on are evident even in the casual conversations that we have. That was true in the case of this dreamer who is a vivacious and highly focused spiritual counselor and intuitive medium. Even before we began working on her dream, she talked of the changes that have been taking place in her life this year. In the past she has done a great deal of traveling, expanding her practice and working at seminars throughout the USA. But this year, both due to familial issues and to a desire to be more centered, she has focused her activities much closer to home.

With anyone who is conscientious, such a “reduction” in activities could lead to concerns of not being as energetic or as productive as in the past. There might even be a sense of loss or guilt: “Gee, I don’t seem to be spreading the message as well as I used to.”

Then, along comes a dream designed to put all of those worries to rest. It reassures her that her new lifestyle is not a diminution. On the contrary, with her new, centered, focused approach, she is being more productive, more effective. She is expending less energy getting, physically, from place to place. She is letting in more “light” and allowing a part of herself to grow that she never had the patience to explore before.

So often “less is more.” And her dream is congratulating her on her new approach. It is saying—in effect—“Stay the course. You are doing it right!” And the dream is sending its message in typical dreamlike, bizarre imagery: with hair growing out of her front teeth!

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