Friday 28 July 2017

Three Visits By A Raccoon: Post #3

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Are waking dreams expressions of our attitudes projected onto neutral situations? Or is there cosmic interaction between us and the universe? Below is the metaphoric version of a waking dream we are examining to try and answer those questions.

Restated dream
I am setting up a temporary residence inside of me so that I can visit places in me that are not in my usual environment. I am doing this with a part of myself that I can tell anything to. This part of me is totally non-judgmental and would never betray me. However, this part of me claimed that it had expertise and was relying on the wisdom and experience of others. Not so. We’ve created a temporary house that is flimsy. It can be easily moved around, but it wouldn’t stand up to extreme conditions.  We’re by ourselves. It’s contemplative and peaceful. There are no others around. We’ve created something beautiful that provides warmth and light, intimacy and a sense of protection. It can also provide a means for preparing sustenance. I am sitting in the place inside of me where I take in sustenance. Suddenly the part of me I’m with looks extremely concerned, like in an emergency. I look to my less dominant side, and I see something that I don’t really know about—what it’s like. But this part of me looks so cute with those tiny parts of itself that I use to hold things that I want and need. I use them to bring food to my mouth. I use them to love and to give comfort. They are vital tools that I need and utilize constantly. But I’m startled and taken aback. It’s all new, and all the parts of me are learning the ropes. The one in charge who takes care of this part of me and all the parts of me who visit, is making a special gesture. But actually, the parts of me visiting here are not certain we want it. The part of me in charge wants to share his bounty. He is sharing his cornucopia out of good will. This will happen with the parts of me that are his closest contacts, including the parts of me he helped bring into life. While with him I am resting in a mobile, temporary place. Suddenly I, again, see the part of me I don’t know too well. All the parts of me are surprised in an unpleasant way; slightly fearful. We take a means of transportation for short distances, the whole time using a tool for turning darkness into light. I am taking the opportunity to replenish my energy and renew myself. But the part of me I came here with is sounding an alarm due to fear, because the part of me I don’t know—that has the tools I need and use constantly—is trying to reach the seat of my thoughts, the source of 4 of my 5 senses, and the center of my spiritual connection to the universe.

The first thing to notice is that, like all the other dreams, this one—although lengthy—has a thematic progression; its structure is typical. Tomorrow we’ll examine it closely.

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