Wednesday 26 July 2017

Three Visits By A Raccoon: Post #2

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This week we’re examining the nature of waking dreams. Are they our own attitudes projected onto neutral and uninvolved life situations? Or is there some kind of cosmic interaction between us and the universe?

As an example, we’re using an incident that a reluctant camper had with a raccoon. (You can scroll down to my last post to read the dream.) Today we’re isolating the symbols and asking the dreamer to make her own metaphoric associations.

Tell me about…
* Camping:  Setting up a temporary residence so that one can visit places that are not usually in one’s environment.
* Friend:  I could tell her anything. She is totally non-judgmental and would never betray me.
* Knew what she was doing:  Had expertise and was relying on the wisdom and experience of others.
* Tent:  A temporary house, but flimsy. It can be easily moved around, but it wouldn’t stand up to extreme conditions.
* Isolated area:  We’re by ourselves. It’s contemplative and peaceful. There are no others around.
* Campfire:  Beautiful. Provides warmth and light, intimacy and a sense of protection. It can also provide a means for preparing sustenance.
* Pit:  A special space—almost like a vessel or a container—especially designed to hold the fire.
* Picnic table:  Where we serve and eat our meals. Where we take in our sustenance.
* Alarmed look:  Extremely concerned like in an emergency.
* To my left:  My less dominant side.
* Raccoon:  I don’t really know raccoons at all—what they’re like. But they look so cute with those tiny hands. To me, they seem adorable.
* Hands:  You use them to hold things that you want and need. You use them to bring food to your mouth. You use them to love and to give comfort. They are vital tools that you need and utilize constantly.
* Jumped:  Startled and taken aback.
* First night:  It’s all new. We’re learning the ropes.
* Bonus:  We’re given extra as a special gesture. But, actually, we’re not all that certain we want it.
* Camp manager:  The one in charge who takes care of the place and the visitors.
* Supper:  His bounty. He was sharing his cornucopia out of good will.
* Family:  His closest contacts, including the ones he helped bring into life.
* Fold-up chair:  A temporary, mobile place to rest.
* Spooked:  Surprised in an unpleasant way; slightly fearful.
* Golf cart:  A means to transport short distances.
* Flashlight:  It shines light on darkness.
* Falling asleep:  Getting rest to replenish my energy and renew myself.
* Screaming:  Sounding an alarm due to fear.
* My head:  It’s the seat of my thoughts and the source of 4 of my 5 senses. Also, it’s the center of my spiritual connection to the universe.

Initial observations
Anyone who is a farmer—especially one with a flock of chickens—would be incredulous at this dreamer’s metaphoric description of raccoons. But that’s the beauty of dream symbols; they are specific to each dreamer. I’ll have more to say about that later.

One other observation: I added a symbol that was not in the original dream. This dreamer made a pointed reference to the raccoon’s hands. For that reason, I asked her to “Tell me about hands.” As we’ll see, hands become an important symbol in this dream.

More Friday.

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