Friday 7 July 2017

A Dream About Prison And Pooping Out Eggs: Post #3

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This week we’re examining a dream with peculiar imagery: a prison, lizards, and defecated spongy eggs. At face value the dream is absurd. But the dreamer and I have taken each symbol and redefined it in a broader, metaphoric context. In as neutral a fashion as possible, I have asked the dreamer what kind of an association she makes with each symbol. With this new information, I have now retold the dream replacing the original symbols with the new definitions that the dreamer has supplied. The only other change is the addition of short phrases like, “There is a part of me…” or “…a place within myself…” Their purpose is to remind the dreamer that every image in the dream represents an aspect of the dreamer, herself.

The dream retold as metaphor
There’s a place inside of me where I keep myself locked up. It’s a punishment for doing something to myself that I shouldn’t have. I’m there to meet with all the parts of myself who are locked up there. These are not bad parts of myself. They’re just naïve and lacking in wisdom. These parts of me have made some self-destructive choices. I try to interact with these parts of myself, but they seem unwilling. These parts of me will not acknowledge me in any way. They will not engage me. I feel as if I have been unable to interact with these parts of myself, so I feel as if my work is done. I feel as if I have failed. Then, one of these parts of me draws attention to something of interest inside of me. It points to what is probably the least desirable area of me. It’s where my waste comes out of. I feel shock and upset. I don’t want to be associated with it. I’m in the act of getting rid of my own waste and toxic material. It’s usually private, but here I am, doing it with all of me watching. These pieces of waste are unfamiliar to me, so I find them suspicious. I’m wary of them and uncomfortable around them. They’re all over my foundation, where I walk, live and establish myself. They’re not solid, and they’re likely to change and be unpredictable. I know they’re harmless, but I don’t like them. I find them kind of creepy. I don’t know what they’re going to do, and they don’t belong in my world. One of these waste parts of me is coming to life, and I’ll have to contend with it. I’m looking for a way out, to get away. It’s urgent because I’m so uncomfortable where I am.

An initial analysis
From an absurd dream about defecating lizard eggs in a prison, we now have a narrative with a focused and poignant theme. This dreamer is dealing with some naive decisions she made in her youth. She has now, finally, entered the “prison” where she has kept all of this locked up inside of herself. As is so often the case as we evolve to the next level of personal growth and understanding, this dreamer feels supremely uncomfortable about it all.

Tomorrow, we’ll see if we can help her move beyond her own unease.

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