Wednesday 21 June 2017

A Waking Dream About A Canceled Flight: Post #2

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This week I am describing the experience I recently had trying to fly round trip on a coast to coast business excursion. Three of the four flights were delayed, with the third one being canceled. At that point, I booked a return flight with a different airline and had no further problems.

If you saw my post on Monday, perhaps you noticed that describing this waking dream took up more space than most of the dreams I examine. Actually, this dream is not unusually long, but I do try and post only short dreams so that my blog doesn’t become excessive in length. But because this dream is a bit longer than most, I am going to treat it somewhat differently, skipping the most cumbersome and unwieldy steps of dream interpretation and spending more time on philosophical issues.

I will now jump to what would normally be the last step of the dream analysis, explaining the symbols and what they meant to me as I interpreted this annoying waking dream incident.

The canceled flight waking dream analyzed
As I examined the symbols, the first thing that struck me was that I was dealing with two destinations: I was leaving (and then trying to return to) my home, and I was heading for a meeting with potential customers for a business that I am now about to retire from. For me, symbolically, home is my most sacred space. It is where I meditate, cook my meals—both literally and spiritually, read the authors who offer me the greatest insights into how to live my life, and interact with my wife who is my spiritual partner. In contrast, my business—one that I have pursued for over 40 years and which has been fulfilling and wonderfully rewarding—is one that I am ready to let go of.

In this waking dream about delayed and canceled flights, the overall message seemed to be that there would be difficulties going from one location (consciousness) to the other. Especially “coming back home” would be challenging and would “cost me more.”

I have never had a problem being affable and getting along with people. But in many ways, that congenial persona is a mask. Few people in the business world know about my intense focus on spiritual matters. So when I “journeyed” from my true self to my affable, social self, it took “extra time” and caused some slight aggravation.

Still, when I got to my business meeting, I fell right back into my old persona and, in fact, had a wonderful and successful experience. The meeting was comfortable, the jargon and issues were familiar, and I found myself relaxing from the razor’s edge that so often accompanies spiritual growth. My trip felt like a vacation of sorts.

Then, when it was time to return “home,” I had supreme difficulties. At first, I couldn’t even get to my destination. And I certainly couldn’t get there using a “discounted” mode of travel. The return ended up “costing me” far more than I had originally anticipated.

To me, it was an important lesson: No matter what you do or where you travel, don’t abandon your spiritual space; take it with you.

More on Friday!

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