Saturday 25 March 2017

A Dream About A House Washed Out To Sea: Concluding Post

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This week I’ve featured a dream that is unusual in that it does not represent a course correction for the dreamer. Most dreams come to us to make us aware of things that need change in our way of thinking and acting. Course correction dreams account for the vast majority of dream experiences most of us have. They are necessary and helpful. When we are fighting against our own inclinations, or doing something because we “should” rather than because it represents a true expression of our own character, dreams come to us to nudge us back into a direction we’d benefit from going.

Certainly we can experience dreams for other reasons as well. Dreams can be trauma induced, where they sound an alarm, letting us know that we have sustained a traumatic (non-physical) injury. Dreams can also be memories of out-of-body travel, or visitations from deceased loved ones. Or they can highlight past or future events. But one thing dreams are always about, and that’s the dreamer. I know of no exceptions. As such, they usually come to us to offer a suggestion about how to shift our attitudes or behavior just enough to eliminate an inner conflict.

Dreams of encouragement
That’s why this week’s dream about a house being repeatedly washed away and then rebuilt was such a delight. This dream was saying, essentially, “You’re living your life exactly as you should. You are approaching it from the purest place within yourself. And from that perspective, you are allowing the forces of unknown depth, peace and vastness to take your living space and wash it away so that it can be rebuilt anew. You are being repeatedly cleansed.”

Yes, the idea of having one’s consciousness completely washed away is intimidating when we first think about it. But with more careful examination, doesn’t it become obvious that this is a description of growth? We build a structure around ourselves and try to live our lives based on the rules and tenets we’ve set up for ourselves. But inevitably, if we grow, we will also outgrow that structure—pure though it may be. Then it’s time to walk away from it and build a new, more expanded version.

This dream was letting the dreamer know that this is a process that is ongoing. It also reassured her, first, that she has all the necessary tools to rebuild each time she is cleansed, and second, that the price she will pay for this will be low. Amazing and wonderful!

There was another dream she told me, almost as an afterthought. It was ever so slightly cautionary. Without going into the dream itself, I will say that it gently suggested that she take some time to think through each of the changes she is making. It encouraged her to continue with her spontaneous lifestyle, but it quietly admonished her to go a little bit more slowly, to make certain that the changes she is pondering are the very best ones for her.

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