Friday 24 March 2017

A Dream About A House Washed Out To Sea: Post #3

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 At a recent conference I was presented with a dream that seemed to be about a repeated process of inward cleansing and renewal. But the dreamer and I wanted to make certain, so we went carefully through the symbols to learn what metaphoric associations the dreamer had with them. Now it was time to reassemble the dream in its altered, metaphoric form. In retelling the dream, I would try my best to use the dreamer’s exact words. I would also add short phrases to remind the dreamer that every aspect of it was a reflection of her own state of mind.

The reconstructed dream
There is a part of me that is trying to find a place to live within myself. I found a spot and was looking at it carefully to see if it was one I liked. This place within me is absolutely clean and pure. There is no sense of emotional energy; it’s all just balanced. All the necessary stuff that I’d need to live in this part of me is also balanced. There was a place within me to relax and unwind. And it, too, was clean and free of lingering energy. There was even a part that was a luxury; that would let me pamper myself a bit in comfort. And that part had the look of being regal and noble. I found the way to ascend and descend in this part of me, and I got to the bottom of it, where all the structural stuff starts. I could see that this whole part of me is on the border to the vast unknown. It’s deep, peaceful and enormous. It’s much bigger and more complex than we can ever fathom. Even walking, I found myself on a special surface within me. This place is nothing fancy, but it’s honest and sturdy. Then, suddenly, a part of me with enormous power, a part of me that there is no way to fight against, swallowed up this place within me. All this quality in me of cleanliness and purity was consumed by the vast, deep and peaceful part of myself. I was completely taken aback and momentarily paralyzed with fright. But there’s a part of me that’s really nice, and whose job it is to replace what is gone and washed away. This part reassured me. This part of me would rebuild what was gone, and I could count on the phenomenon happening again and again. What’s more, I could afford it.

The overall theme of this dream
This dream practically reads like a novel. The overall theme is clear and uncluttered by the extraneous images that are often a part of dreams. What’s more, I believe I was correct in suggesting that this dream is about cleansing and renewal. This dream is all about growth and how the “pure, unemotional” part of the dreamer will be swallowed up again and again by the great, vast, deep and peaceful unknown. What a fabulous dream!

More tomorrow.

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