Wednesday 22 March 2017

A Dream About A House Washed Out To Sea: Post #2

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At a recent conference I was presented with a dream that I thought I understood. It seemed to be a dream about a repeated process of inward cleansing and renewal. (Scroll down to my last post to read the dream.) Because of my hunch, it was especially important that I guide the dreamer meticulously through the interpretation process. It was vital that I not impose my own assumptions onto the dream. Like anyone, I am capable of being wrong, and the only person who can really say what the dream is about is the dreamer herself.

She and I went right to the “Tell me about it” part of the interpretation process. I asked her about each of her important dream symbols.

Tell me about…
*  Buying a house:  Trying to find a place to live.
*  A house I am considering:  I was looking at it carefully to see if it was one I liked.
*  Pure white:  Absolutely clean and pure. With white, there is no sense of emotional energy; it’s all just balanced.
*  Furniture and fixtures:  All the necessary stuff that you live with in your house.
*  White couch:  It’s a place to relax and unwind. And it, too, was clean and free of lingering energy.
*  Throw pillows:  They’re soft luxuries that let you pamper yourself a bit in comfort.
*  Purple and a gold-orange:  Those are my colors. To me they are regal and noble.
*  Flight of stairs:  It’s how you ascend or descend.
*  Down the stairs to the basement:  I guess you could say, getting to the bottom of it, where all the structural stuff starts.
*  Ocean beach:  The border to the vast unknown.
*  Ocean:  Peace. Enormity. Deep. Much bigger and more complex than we can ever fathom.
*  Sand:  I always associate it with water and the ocean. It’s a special surface to walk on.
*  Cabin in the woods:  Nothing fancy, but honest and sturdy.
*  Giant wave:  It had enormous power. It let you know that there was no way you could fight it.
*  House washed out to sea:  The ocean swallowed it up.
*  Shocked:  Completely taken aback and momentarily paralyzed with fright.
*  House builder:  He was really a nice guy. And his job was to replace the house every time it got washed away.
*  Repeated phenomenon:  You could count on this happening again and again.
*  Cheap price:  I could afford it.

Initial observations
Her answers to the “Tell me about it” prompts seemed to confirm my suspicions. For example, not everyone thinks of the ocean as representing “peace.” Or of a basement as being “where all the structural stuff starts.” Oceans can be dangerous, and basements can be intimidating. But she saw both these symbols as benevolent.

It will be interesting to see how the dream unfolds in its restated version.

More Friday.

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