Monday 27 March 2017

A Fox Hunt At An Amusement Park

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A woman recently approached me with an odd, amusing dream she’d had. She wanted to know what I made of it. I replied that what I thought of it was irrelevant; it was what she made of it that was important. I said I would help her decipher it if she wanted. She said she would like that, and still chuckling about the peculiar nature of the dream, she related her dream to me.

The dream
In my dream, I am with my late cousins, two men with whom I was always very close. They have invited me to a fox hunt, and I have agreed to go, even though this is something I would never do in real life. The scene and mood are definitely Texan, even though I live in the Pacific Northwest. Then the scene shifts and I am with my two cousins at the hunt, except that it’s not a hunt. It’s an amusement park with rides and booths that test your skill in some way. There is absolutely no fox in evidence, but there are hounds. My one cousin, Larry, is holding a hound in his lap. It is white. Then I look over at my other cousin, Frank, and it suddenly occurs to me that Frank is dead. How can he be here if he’s already gone? I try to ask him that, but no words come out of my mouth, and he just moves closer and lovingly takes my hand. Then I look back at Larry and his hound dog, and I remember that he was married. I ask him about his wife. “Where’s Lillian?” He looks over at me, still petting the dog he is holding, and says, “I’m a free man, now.” And that’s when I wake up.

Some initial thoughts
This dream has two of the dreamer’s deceased relatives who figure prominently in the plot. Did these cousins come back to visit her, traveling from “the other side of the veil” to meet up with her in her dream state? That is plausible. The complexities of life and the vast range of experiences that humans can have makes that a possibility.

But is that the most important question to be asking? The answer is No! Even if the dreamer was visited by these cousins, they entered her dream world for a specific reason. That reason was to communicate something of importance to her. If that had not been the case, she would not have experienced them in her dream imagination.

Whatever you perceive is you.
As my readers are well aware by now, my bias is that all dream images represent an aspect of the dreamer. I am hardly alone in that opinion! It was her cousins (as opposed to her deceased grandparents, or grade school teacher, or her childhood mailman, or some bad guy) who appeared in her dream because they were graphically and visually showing her an aspect of herself, something that needs her attention.

More on Wednesday!

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