Wednesday 25 January 2017

A Septuagenarian's Erotic Dream: Post #2

Auguste Rodin's "The Kiss"

A man in his 70s and no longer sexually active was upset when he awoke from an erotic dream. (Scroll down to my last post.) I suggested that images of a male (masculine energy) bonding with a female (feminine energy) could be constructive and that he need not be alarmed. Reluctantly, he related his dream, and I explained that we would take each of his symbols and discuss it separately. I would try to help him discover a metaphoric association with each symbol. Ultimately, we were trying to answer the question, “Does this symbol have a significant meaning in your life? And if so, what is that meaning?” I told him that I would start with the neutral prompt, “Tell me about it.” Then, if I felt there might be more that he could offer, I would guide him further. What follows are his replies.

Tell me about…
*  A woman:  I get along well with women. They often offer a perspective on life that I miss. And they tend to be softer about their ideas than men.
*  Younger than I am:  Youthful. Still full of energy. Not yet preparing for the end.
*  Mid 40s:  At the prime of her life.
*  Carnival:  A diversion. Nothing serious. To be enjoyed for the fun of it.
*  Ride:  They’re silly, really. They offer a momentary thrill or entertainment. Sometimes they are exciting. But a lot of times the idea is better than the reality.
*  Bucket-sized capsule that twirls:  It’s a miniature vehicle that is designed to look interesting, but the vehicle, itself, isn’t really very practical. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable.
*  Kissing:  It’s a show of intimate affection. It can be friendly or passionate.
*  Enthusiastic and fun:  We’re having a good time—nothing serious.
*  Push my tongue into her mouth:  It was impulsive on my part, but it definitely was a test to see if our bonding would go to the next level.
*  Not objecting:  I thought there might be resistance and I didn’t know what to expect. But she was sending signals that she was as ready as I was for a more intense physical experience.
*  Reaches into my pants:  She was initiating the next level without hesitation.
*  Fondling my genitals:  Guaranteed to produce arousal. Exciting. Even a sense of entering uncharted and forbidden territory.

Preliminary analysis
As you read the section above, try to forget the sexual references; this is not a dream about coitus. Instead, simply read the dreamer’s comments—his replies to my “Tell me about it” prompts. Right away you will notice the progressive development of a theme: He is with an aspect of himself that offers a different perspective. It is more youthful and energetic than he is, but for the moment, their involvement is a diversion and not serious. Then he tests to see if there is interest in “the next level.” And to his surprise, there is a desire to explore “uncharted and forbidden territory.”

What a fantastic, constructive dream! We’ll explore it more on Friday.

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