Friday 27 January 2017

A Septuagenarian's Erotic Dream: Post #3

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A man in his 70s and no longer sexually active was upset when he awoke from an erotic dream. But the more we looked at the dream’s images of male and female, the more it became apparent that these images were metaphors for masculine and feminine energies. Those are energies that all of us have within ourselves. When they act in unison as a team “in intercourse,” that can be an extremely powerful and constructive internal event.

On Wednesday, we isolated the symbols and discussed the metaphoric associations the dreamer had with each one. What follows is the reassembled dream in its metaphoric form. The only thing I have added are occasional phrases like “a part of me” to remind the dreamer that all the images of the dream are facets of himself.

Reconstructed dream
I get along well with the part of me that is "woman." It often offers a perspective on life that I miss, and it tends to be softer about its ideas than the masculine part of me. This feminine part of me is youthful and full of energy. It’s not yet preparing for the end. It is at the prime of its life. We are together in a diversion, nothing serious. Our activity is to be enjoyed for the fun of it. It’s really silly. It offers a momentary thrill or entertainment. Sometimes it can be exciting. But a lot of times the idea is better than the reality. We’re traveling in a miniature vehicle inside of me. It is designed to look interesting, but the vehicle, itself, isn’t really very practical. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable. We’re having a good time—nothing serious. Then I impulsively test to see if our bonding would go to the next level. I thought there might be resistance and I didn’t know what to expect. But the feminine part of me was sending signals that it was as ready as I was for a more intense physical experience. It was initiating the next level without hesitation. What it did was guaranteed to produce arousal. It was exciting. There was even a sense of entering uncharted and forbidden territory.

Far from describing a sleazy, semi-pornographic experience, this dream is an exciting statement of some positive, constructive changes occurring within the dreamer. For true creativity to take place within an individual, there needs to be a bonding and an interaction between the two forces of masculine and feminine. The feminine represents the intuitive force which envisions a creative project. The masculine represents the assertive force that will act as the builder and manifestor, bringing feminine’s dream into reality. They work together, and although they can certainly be conduits for something negative, when they are in an uplifted, constructive mode—as they seem to be here—they are a dynamic and powerful team.

Tomorrow, we’ll ask the dreamer if he has any idea what this dream might be referring to. It will be fascinating to get his take on it.

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