Friday 11 November 2016

A Dream About Watching A Car Crash

We are eavesdropping on a dreamer wrestling with a nightmare from which she awoke, crying. The imagery of the dream is intimidating. The dream could easily be interpreted as foreboding and indicative of a major crisis. But as we’ll see, it was more a case of the dreamer ignoring earlier dreams on the same theme, dreams that used gentler imagery. When those earlier dreams were ignored, her dreams became more emphatic, working harder to make certain they were being noticed.

I have worked with the dreamer to translate her dream symbols into metaphors. (You can scroll down to my last posts to follow that process.) Now, we will reassemble the dream in its metaphoric version. As is typical, I have inserted phrases like, “There is a part of me” to remind the dreamer that all of the symbols in her dream represent aspects of herself. As you read the reconstruction below, read it not so much for literal content, but for the themes that seem dominant, especially if they repeat themselves throughout the narrative.

The reassembled dream
I’m looking down from above. I’m viewing the place where I temporarily put the part of me that I use to get myself from one place to another. I am not using this part of me at the moment. I’m watching the part of myself that makes certain all of my systems are working properly. Another part of me that I use to get me from one place to another has been destroyed and parts of me are injured. It crashed into the part of me that is a border, keeping my traffic in the right place. A part of me that was along for the ride was wounded and was unable to function. This part of me should be still or it will make matters worse. The part of me in charge of systems tries to assist, to try and help with the healing process. But the injured part of me is trying to harm the one who is helping. Suddenly, it seems as if the injured one is no longer present in his body. Instead, he turns inhuman, otherworldly, sinister. This part of me is influencing me even though I don’t invite him to. I am frightened and in disbelief.

In this dream, there was the crash of a vehicle that resulted in the injury of some facet of the dreamer. When the dreamer tries to do something to help herself, the injured part of her resists and tries to cause even more harm. This injured part of her seems to die away at first, but then it comes back in an altered and even more sinister form. In the dreamer’s own words, “This part of me is influencing me even though I don’t invite him to.”

With this summation and more concise restatement of the themes, we now need the dreamer’s own help. What injured part of her won’t go away and is being influential? We’ll find out tomorrow.

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