Wednesday 9 November 2016

A Dream About Watching A Car Crash

This week we are eavesdropping on a dreamer wrestling with a nightmare from which she awoke, crying. The point I hope to demonstrate is that scary, upsetting dreams are not necessarily bad or indicative of impending tragedy. Instead, they are simply the attempt of the unconscious mind to send a message, one that has not been paid attention to after gentler nudges.

Let’s see what the dreamer came up with when she was asked to treat her dream symbols as metaphors. First the dream itself:

A scary dream

In my dream I am on some sort of a balcony overlooking a parking lot. I am looking for my car. There is a maintenance worker sweeping the parking lot. Suddenly, to my right, a car comes careening into the lot and slams into the wall that separates the lot from the street. The car’s passenger is forcefully ejected and ends up lying in the parking lot, writhing in pain. I call down to him to stop moving because he is injured and will only make it worse. The maintenance man goes over to him and kneels down, trying to help. But the injured man grabs him by the throat and starts to choke him. Soon, however, the life forces leave the injured man, and he releases his hold on the maintenance man’s neck and dies. I figure that is the end, but then I see that the dead man’s eyes take on a kind of surreal metallic appearance and start staring at me. Even though I was unsuccessful trying to communicate with him when he was alive, I can now feel his thoughts entering my brain telepathically. It is sinister and frightening, and that’s when I wake up, crying and yelling.

Tell me about…

* Balcony: I’m looking down from above.

* Parking lot:  Where you temporarily put your car that you are not using at the moment.

* Car:  It’s what I use to get from one place to another.

* Maintenance worker:  Someone who makes certain all the systems are working properly.

* Car slams into a wall:  It’s destroyed and people are injured.

* Separate the lot from the street:  It’s a boundary, a border to keep traffic in the right place.

* Passenger:  Someone along for the ride.

* Injured:  Badly wounded and unable to function.

* Stop moving:  He should be still or he will make matters worse.

* Maintenance man tried to help:  He’s there to assist, to try and help with the healing process.

* Grabs him by the throat:  He’s trying to harm the one who is helping.

* Dies:  He’s no longer present in his physical body.

* Eyes turn metallic and surreal:  Inhuman, otherworldly, sinister.

* Feel his thoughts entering my brain:  He is influencing me even though I don’t invite him to.

* Wake up crying and yelling:  I am frightened and in disbelief.

Initial commentary

At this stage, if you read through the dreamer’s comments, the feeling is still dire. But I believe that foreboding won’t remain. We’ll learn more about it on Friday.  

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