Wednesday 30 March 2016

Simultaneous Waking Dreams About Cell Phones And Laryngitis: Post #2

A dreamer named Mike has a pair of waking dreams that, at first, don’t seem to have any relationship to each other.

Mike’s waking dreams
I was due to give the keynote address at a computer conference. As with lots of these kinds of events, the planners wanted to add to the conference appeal by holding it in a picturesque—but rural—area of the country. To make things more convenient for attendees, the planners provided a shuttle service from the nearest regional airport to the hotel/conference center. All you had to do was call a certain number, and the shuttle would come pick you up. Easy. But when I arrived at the airport, I realized that something was wrong with my cell phone, and I couldn’t call the number. As it turned out, the shuttle was already at the airport, and all I had to do was make contact. But since I was out of communication, the shuttle left without me, and it was hours before I got to the hotel. Frustrating!
Not only that, but I was coming down with a really bad case of laryngitis. I could barely whisper, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to give my talk plus hold the workshop I was scheduled to facilitate.

Mike dissects his first waking dream
At first it didn’t occur to Mike that his two dreams might be related, even though there is a theme of communication in both circumstances. When he understood the connection, the incidents became more interesting to him, and we worked on the symbols through the neutral “Tell me about it” question. Today, I’ll share the analysis we arrived at with the first dream.

Tell me about…
* Keynote address:  I was going to introduce the main theme of the seminar to everyone present.
* Conference:  A gathering of a lot of people, all with the same interest.
* Picturesque location:  Attractive place that makes you want to be there.
* Regional airport:  It’s a small, local arrival terminal.
* Shuttle:  A convenient courtesy to help make getting back and forth easier.
* Cell phone:  What I use to talk to everyone; to make plans and stay in touch.
* Hotel:  Temporary accommodation.

Mike’s first dream restated metaphorically
I am in a place inside myself that is a gathering of all the people that live in me, all with the same interest. I am going to introduce the main theme of this seminar to all the parts of me present. We’re all in an attractive place inside of me and we want to be there. I’ve arrived via a small, local terminal, and I’m waiting for my own convenient courtesy to help me get back and forth easier. But the part of me I use to talk with everyone and make plans and stay in touch isn’t working. I miss the convenient courtesy. It left me behind and I was a long time getting to my temporary accommodation.

We’ll look at Mike’s second dream on Friday.

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