Saturday 23 January 2016

Taylor Understands his Erotic Dream

A Review of Taylor’s Dream
In recent posts I’ve been analyzing a dream by a dreamer named Taylor. Taylor loves sailboats and was accompanying a married couple to their boat. The couple was about to sail on an extended trip. Taylor found himself alone with the wife. Soon he was involved in a sexual experience with her. The erotic encounter did not culminate in intercourse, but Taylor awoke feeling upset. (See my post dated 1-20-16.)

In subsequent posts, I wrote about various symbols in this dream. I discussed the role of masculine and feminine energy. Taylor then offered his own thoughts about the other dream symbols. Finally, I restated his dream using these thoughts.

Taylor’s Dream Restated
There is a part of me that wants to sail away and I’m preparing for a long trip. I have an idea—although the idea is already in a commitment, and I don’t quite set it into motion. What’s more, my brightest light is obscured by the vehicle for this trip I want to take. That’s actually more comfortable, but it is definitely less potent.

Dreams Are Often about Current Events
If you read the above italicized paragraph out of context, it makes very little sense. We need Taylor’s input, and we need a basic understanding of what dreams are communicating.

While there are certainly exceptions, the vast majority of dreams offer commentary on events and struggles that are current in the dreamer’s life. Even dreams that offer insights into more long-term issues are still commenting on a current event, because the long-term issue remains in the dreamer’s life. It is still an abrasive element, and it is still affecting how s/he lives.

Whenever I work with a dreamer I begin by asking something like, “Can you relate this dream to something currently going on in your life?”

Taylor Understands his Dream
In Taylor’s case, he needed a bit of additional prompting, so I focused on his unusual symbol of an “idea that is already committed.” That helped.

Taylor designs software. He had been working with a company to solve one of their software issues. He had come up with a design, but then saw a colleague’s similar program that had an idea that was better than his own. He was all set to abandon his whole project and adopt his colleague’s version . That’s when he had the erotic sailor dream.

Suddenly his dream made sense. He was ready to “sail away” on a “long trip.” He was going to “bond with” someone else’s feminine, inventive, intuitive energy. This was happening despite it obscuring “his brightest light.”

The dream message was clear: Don’t discard your own light to follow someone else’s great idea. Doing so may be more comfortable, but it is less powerful. Be true to your own creativity.

Understanding this dream completely changed the way Taylor approached his project. He did use part of his colleague’s design, but he also stayed much truer to his own, excellent ideas.

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