Monday 25 January 2016

We'll Analyze a Dream About a Woman with a Cat

"Woman with Red Hair"
--a painting by Sandra Biermann--

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A Dream about Women with Cats
I have chosen to study the following dream because it highlights so well the importance of having every dreamer interpret her own dream symbols. One of the prominent symbols in this dream is an assembly of cats. There are few images that evoke a wider range of reactions than cats. People’s attitudes toward them go from Egyptian mystical reverence all the way to disdain. While there are certainly archetypical elements to the cat metaphor, any dream symbol of cats must be filtered through the dreamer’s own attitudes, as we’ll soon see. This is a perfect dream to remind us to go through the steps of our own symbol interpretation.

In this case, the dreamer is a woman.

Here’s the dream
In my dream, I am sitting in a circle with a group of other women. We’re on the floor, sitting on pillows and cushions, and we’re talking. I have a cat in my lap, and as I look around, I realize that all the other women have a cat in each of their laps as well. We are all putting diapers on our cats. Despite this activity, I notice that all the cats are really well behaved, lying or sitting patiently, not acting out or upset at what we’re doing to them. All the cats seem content and just remain quiet.

I’m thirsty and, off to my right, there is a drinking fountain in an adjoining hall. Above it is a window, and as I ponder getting up to quench my thirst, the sun shines brilliantly through the window.

That’s all I remember.

Four Important Individualized Symbols
I have already mentioned the importance of the cat symbol. There are three others that are equally important. And as we will see over the next couple of posts, their interpretations are unique to the dreamer. They are the symbols of the diapers, the drinking fountain and the sun through the window.

So stay tuned and learn what this dreamer was telling herself in her dream. In fact, maybe you can help interpret the dream—or at least offer your own insights. What do you think it’s about? Let me know; I’d love to hear from you!

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