Wednesday 20 January 2016

Analysis of Taylor's Erotic Dream: Post #2

First, an Aside
I’m about to begin an in-depth analysis of Taylor’s erotic dream about sailing that I posted two days ago (see my post immediately below). But first, I wanted to give you a heads-up regarding a radio interview about dreams that I’m doing on Wednesday, 1/27 at noon. Click on the “Events” page for details.

Dissecting Taylor’s Dream
The first step for any dreamer in interpreting a dream is to separate yourself emotionally from the dream’s events. Important dreams try to stay in the dreamer’s awareness after she/he wakes up. So dreams use vivid—often disturbing—imagery. In Taylor’s case, he found himself in a sexual dance with a stranger. He knew that she had a sailboat, that she was married, and that her husband was nearby. In “real life” Taylor is, himself, happily married, so this dream was upsetting to him.

One of the best ways to divorce yourself from the emotional impact of a dream—especially if it depicts unsavory activity with another person—is to remember that all the characters in a dream are aspects of your own psyche. If you see something distasteful in your dream, it is almost certainly a depiction of a struggle going on within yourself. In Taylor’s case, he found himself starting to “join together” with a feminine part of himself. But there was an element of illicit activity; he felt that he was overstepping a line.

Masculine and Feminine in Dreams
In our psyches, we are all made up of masculine and feminine energy in varying degrees. The feminine is the intuitive part of us. It receives the ideas, motivations and inspirational nudges that come to us. The feminine creates the plan that we use to pursue a course of action or follow through on an impulse.

The masculine part of us is the doer and achiever. This part of us takes the idea—inspiration—that feminine has come up with and sets the plan into motion. It’s as if the feminine hands the masculine a blueprint it has created. It’s then masculine’s job to build the structure—physical or otherwise—that feminine has designed.

In Taylor’s dream, where he finds himself almost coupling with a female, the implication is that there is an idea that wants to be “born.” The main purpose of sexual intercourse is to create children. Metaphorically, our children can be our plans, ideas or actions. We even have an expression that makes use of this metaphor: It was his brainchild.

But It Didn’t Feel Quite Right
In Taylor’s case, there was an element of sneakiness and being unfaithful. Sometimes in dreams, that can be a good thing. But with Taylor, it was different. We’ll find out why in my next post. And we’ll explore all that symbolism about the sun and the sailboat.

If you have questions, comments or insights, I’d love to hear from you; I will definitely reply. In any case, stay tuned, there’s more good stuff to come!

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