Friday 20 October 2017

Watching People Drink Poison: Post #3

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In a dream in which several people choose to die by voluntarily drinking poison, the imagery has left the dreamer upset. I have suggested that, when she successfully separates herself from the emotional impact of the dream, she may discover that the alarming scenes actually contain a positive message. We are now well into the interpretation process, and I have reconstructed her dream using her own metaphoric descriptions of each dream symbol.

I have made only two changes. First, I have inserted phrases to remind the dreamer that all the symbols in her dream represent a facet of herself. Second, I have restated the dream in present tense.

The reconstructed dream about taking poison
I’m exploring the out-of-doors that exists within myself. It’s a way to get exercise and to commune with my own nature a bit. I find myself in the place within me where everything is real. Nothing is artificial or phony; it’s all been made by God. I’m not too aware of the details, just the overall sense of “refilling the cup” that comes from being in my own nature. In this place within me, there are little obstacles that I have to be careful with. I know I can manage to get over them, but I have to think about it; it’s not just automatic.

I come to a clearing within me that lets in more light and is free of obstructions. On the other side of it, there is an obstacle that is intimidating. It’s an obstacle within me so big and it seems impenetrable. I know I am going to have to think about how to get past it. I become aware of other parts of me there, too. They aren’t old—maybe in their thirties and forties with lots of life left in them. Both sexes, and these parts of me seem smart and well-balanced.

But I see them preparing for their own demise. Their actions are deliberate and carefully thought through. It will kill them; they will die and will no longer be in life. I find their lack of concern really strange and alarming. They are going to end their lives, but they don’t seem to care. I try to persuade them and change their minds; get them to rethink and do something different. I am frantic to get them to stop. They look nice. They are young. They have lots to live for. These parts of me position themselves so that they won’t fall over when they die; they’ll already be down.  Their attention is on me instead of where they could be going. I want them to see what is ahead—which is inviting—but they don’t care. They choose to die on the spot.

An initial analysis
The themes in this dream progress nicely. First, the dreamer finds herself where “everything is real.” She talks about how getting here has involved “little obstacles.” She gets to a clearing, but on the other side is an insurmountable-seeming obstacle. She sees aspects of herself “dying.” She tries to get them to look ahead, but “their attention is on me.”

Is this a good situation or a bad one? We’ll find out tomorrow.

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