Friday 6 October 2017

Racial Dream Symbols: Post #3

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I’m examining a dream that has racial symbols. But as the dreamer and I work our way through the symbols, it becomes clear that, as metaphors, the symbols have nothing to do with ethnicity. Below is the restated dream.

The airplane dream retold as metaphor
There is a part of me that is my partner and feminine counterpart. This part of me is the “woman in my dreams” but it is not my real partner; it is a figment of my imagination. This part of me consists of the absence of light. It represents total possibility. The instant you add light, you add form. If you have total lack of form, you have infinite freedom to manifest anything you want. As they say, “It is beautiful.” This part of me is gorgeous—all of those delicious tones just radiate health and beauty. They make me envious. I am accompanying this part of me and helping it along. We are going to a part of me that is a mode of transportation that can take me long distances in a relatively short time. This part of me is definitely leading the way. It has its own purpose and motivation. There is an air of mystery, and I can’t read its emotions or thoughts all that well. We have an attraction that is significant. This part of me is breathtakingly beautiful. This part of me and I have just entered our mode of transportation, and are not yet settled. We’re not alone. It will be a full flight with many other parts of myself. There seems to be some sort of lottery system to decide where this part of me will be placed inside of myself. There is good fortune in this regard. And we’re surprised at our luck. This part of me has the most ideal placement, really a place of honor. But I’m not going with this part of me on its journey. I’m staying behind. We reaffirm our affection while departing from each other.

But when I attempt to depart from the mode of transportation, I have no way out even though I am not supposed to be here. I see that my path back to where I am supposed to be is no longer accessible. There is a part of me that is a possible escape route, but it is really too small for me. I’ll take a risk trying to get through. I won’t be able to pass through to the other side. I’ll be wedged in between two environments. I can’t find anything to grab onto to help myself through. I’m on my own. I tell myself that the only way to succeed is to come back to reality. I do that. I then realize that I am not stuck, and I say to myself, “See? I told you so.”

What a fascinating dream! The dreamer seems infatuated with an aspect of his feminine nature that is “not my real partner; it is a figment of my imagination.” Then, toward the end of the dream, he realizes that the only way to return to his rightful environment is to “come back to reality.”

We’ll explore more tomorrow.

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