Friday 11 August 2017

A Waking Dream About A Smashed Windshield: Post #3

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My wife and I drove to the Oregon coast, and something hit and smashed our windshield. We knew it was an important waking dream, and we each decided to interpret it separately, then compare notes.

I have been highlighting my dream version in the past couple of posts. Below is my dream, reconstructed as metaphor. I have used my own words almost exclusively. The only phrases I have added are ones to remind me that all images in the dream represent aspects of myself. As you read, notice the definite and logical progression of a theme.

David’s dream version, retold as metaphor
There is a part of me that is going about from place to place within myself. I come to an area in me where work is being done and something is either being newly built or repaired. In this area in me, there are lots of my own vehicles going lots of places. There is congestion because there is so much usage, but there are no significant obstructions. Then I experienced something unexpected. It was a shockingly loud, auditory event inside of me. It was momentarily all-consuming in its presence. It happened right in my space. My first thought is that I have made a mistake and it is my fault. I am convinced that I have maligned or done damage to something in me that was innocent. There is a part of me that allows me to see out in front of me while I am traveling within myself, and simultaneously, I am being protected the whole time. This part of me took the brunt of this significant impact. Had it not been for this protection, I would have been seriously injured. It was dangerous. It seems to have come from a tool in me that hauls materials to the areas inside of me that are the areas of construction. The impact was caused by something in me that is a living entity, but is ossified and crystalized. Its life transpires at an imperceptibly slow rate. It is going counter to the way the rest of me is going. I am temporarily rendered immobile and I’m in a daze. I have lost some control of my faculties. 

An initial analysis
In this dream restatement, there is a clear progression of ideas. The beginning describes “congestion” due to “construction work” going on inside of me. It all transpires smoothly until an “ossified” part of me tries to go “counter” to the direction of everything else.

The question I need to ask myself is: Which “ossified and crystalized” part of me is crashing into the aspect of myself that is building something new?

There is an easy answer. My life is currently in transition. I am retiring from my principal occupation, and I am putting increasing emphasis on the dream work. There is understandable nervousness: “Is this the right move? Am I going to regret it?”  In fact, our trip to the coast is to participate in a dream workshop, and my own waking dream is admonishing me to stay positive and to avoid my own quiet sense of misgivings. (Thank you, dream, for the heads-up!)

Tomorrow, we’ll examine my wife’s fascinating version of the same event.

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