Friday 18 August 2017

A Dream About Falling Off A Bridge: Post #3

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A dreamer wanted help with a series of unpleasant and vaguely ominous dreams. They depicted a barren landscape and a lake with a giant man-eating turtle in it.

Was this a foreboding dream? One that suggested ill tidings? On Wednesday, we worked with the dream symbols, and today we have reconstructed the dream in its metaphoric version. As you read, get ready for a surprise!

The dream restated as metaphor
There are sections of me that are places of undiscovered opportunity. I might even find a part of me that is an advanced civilization there. It would be a part of me that knows more than I do and from whom I can learn. The landscape in this part of me is desolate, unproductive and not nurturing. It is unfriendly and dangerous. But right in the middle of it there is an oasis, a place to refresh and revitalize myself. It’s full of the life substance, what I am predominantly made up of, something I can’t live without. Joining me in this place within me of undiscovered opportunity, are other parts of me who are ordinary folks. We’re all there, I guess, because we’re curious and looking for answers to questions. There is a structure in this part of me that is designed to take me from one section of the barren landscape to the other while bypassing the oasis which I’d prefer to avoid. On this structure there is no protection to keep me from falling and getting hurt. I am interested in joining with the part of me on the other barren side of the structure. It looks like my own social gathering. I always have curiosity about what I might be missing by not being a part of it. But as the various parts of me go across this structure, they lose their place on the path and go over the side, falling into the oasis of refreshing, revitalizing substance. They lose their balance and are consumed, digested, and in the process, destroyed by a part of me that is a mystical creature. It’s primordial and has been there for millennia. All that is left are the bare structures of these parts of me, the part that holds me up and lasts long after the rest has deteriorated. This process is a renewal within me. It is a casting away or wiping away of all the old junk that gets built up inside of me. It makes me function better.

Some thoughts
Some of the dreamer’s initial reaction to this dream was accurate: There was certainly reason to be nervous, because events were transpiring that he didn’t want, and which he thought would be unpleasant: Parts of him were “losing their balance” and being “consumed.” But from a careful reading it soon becomes clear that this loss of balance isn’t due to wandering from a path he should be on. On the contrary; he is falling off a path that leads him from one barren section of himself to another. In the process, he is “casting away…all the old junk that gets built up.” This helps him “function better.”

Tomorrow we’ll ask him about it. It should be interesting!

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