Monday 10 July 2017

A Dream About A Flirtation

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"I know what my dream means, and I understand that it is showing me a conflict. But what do I do about the conflict now that I see it? My dream seems to be showing me that I am of two minds about how to deal with my life, and I reply, 'Got the message. Thanks. But now what?' I don't know how to proceed from here."

The above was part of a dialogue I recently had with a dreamer in a dream class, and it is a common dilemma. Dreams tend to elucidate inner conflicts we are experiencing. But not all of them offer solutions; that part is more likely left up to us. That's why working with dreams in groups--like in a class--is so helpful. Everyone has unique insights, and in a conscientious group, everyone will make an effort to be helpful.

This week, we'll use this dreamer's experience to explore what needs to happen after the dream is analyzed and understood.

Here's the dream:
In my dream, I'm in a library after closing hours. I'm enjoying the solitude, but I look around, and there is Zac Efron. Oh my God, he's so gorgeous! And he starts coming on to me. And I don't mind at all. We're teasing each other and being playful. It progresses to a little bit of foreplay and things are getting steamy. He tells me how I am the personification of fun, and that makes me laugh. But then this woman who I don't even know shows up and starts telling us both off. She informs me that Zac is married and he shouldn't be here at all. Zac picks up his shirt and walks off to go and try to figure it all out. So I'm left with this woman who has just ruined our fun. She glares at me, and then she says, "Shame on you, you should be doing the dishes." And that's the end of my dream.

Some initial thoughts
As always, we can't get a clear analysis of the dream without the dreamer's own input. But there is already a theme that is apparent. The whole first part of the dream seems to be about lighthearted bonding between masculine and feminine energy. On the surface, that seems like a good thing. But then, another energy is introduced, one that is heavier and more punitive. Certainly, that much we can take away with us today. There definitely seems to be a conflict expressed, and on Wednesday we'll start working our way through the dream to find out, more specifically, what it is. We may do this a bit quicker, because we mostly want to spend time trying to answer the question, "What do I do after I understand my dream's meaning?"

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