Saturday 11 February 2017

A Shocking Waking Dream About Dripping Water: Concluding Post

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A man in an apartment building was lying in his bed and suddenly had water drip on him from the apartment above. It turned out that the tenant above him had committed suicide in his bathtub, and water was dripping into the apartment below.

It is not surprising that the man relating this incident was upset. Even as he and I analyzed the experience as a waking dream he still had difficulty separating himself from his discomfort. I gently pulled his attention to some of his own descriptions of his symbols. I used his own words: Something has disturbed my peace. I have no control over it because it has come from above where I live. It has to do with a part of me that has ended its life. I am beside myself. I can’t just go back to doing things the way I always have.

We started with the peculiar phrase, “I am beside myself.” That is a metaphoric expression that means being upset. But if you think about it literally, it means you have moved to a new position—a new posture—and you have to deal with life from a new perspective. I asked the dreamer if that was such a bad thing.

Dreamer:  It’s amazing how all this fits together. I mean, I’ve actually felt stuck in my life for quite a while. And here you’re telling me that I have to break free of how things have been.

David:  I’m not telling you anything; I’m just using your own words.

Dreamer:  Well, right. But you know what I mean. You put it all together. And it’s correct. I have felt stuck.

David:  Do you think there is anything you can do about it so that you don’t have to have another waking dream like that one?

Dreamer:  Gaaahhh! That would be terrible. Tell me what I need to do.

David:  Well, I think you’ve already said it yourself. What are the changes you need to make to get yourself unstuck? That’s what the dream’s describing to you: your sense of feeling stagnant.

Dreamer:  If you want to know the truth, I feel completely stymied in my job. I’ve wanted out of it for ages. A change would not even be hard to do. I have a friend who has a work venture in mind and he wants me to go into partnership with him. I just have to get in gear and agree to it.

David:  What do you think is holding you back.

Dreamer:  I don’t even know, really. Probably laziness—or maybe it’s just easier not to put in the effort.

David:  Do you think your waking dream experience has changed your sense of urgency.

Dreamer:  Oh my God! I feel as if somebody just lit a match under my butt.

David:  (laughing)

Dreamer:  But why did it have to be so mean?  Couldn’t it have been gentler?

David:  How long did you say you’ve known you should change?

Dreamer:  OK, OK. I get it.

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