Monday 13 February 2017

A Car Stuck In A Parking Lot

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Our dreamer this week is a woman in her mid-40s. She told me she doesn’t usually remember her dreams. She was surprised when she woke up one morning with dream details vividly in her mind. It seemed strange to her, because her dream was mostly about her car being left in a parking lot. She said she had no particularly strong emotional reaction—unlike a few other dreams she has had in her life. She wondered why, of all the dreams she is probably having and not bringing into conscious memory, she would recall this one.

I suggested that, although dreams can definitely leave the dreamer with an intense emotional impact, they needn’t do so to get an important message across. In any case, it was important to examine the dream, itself, to see if it was significant for her.

The whole time she was relating the dream to me, I was writing down key words. My paper looked like shorthand. I wanted to make certain that, if I had been called upon to do so, I could have told her dream back to her from my notes. I also had an ulterior motive. By writing down the key words of her dream, I was confident of including all of the important symbols. At the end of her narration, I could look at my page and see a list of the most important words she had spoken.

A dream about a car in a parking lot
In my dream, I’m driving to a conference center where I’m going to attend some lectures—kind of like a weekend seminar. I pull up into the parking lot, which is huge. But it is also practically empty. I enter the conference building, and go to the first talk. I really have no memory of what is being said or even what the topic is. But the whole time I am there, I keep watching the buildings of the conference center expanding. I look out the window in the middle of a lecture and see another structure literally spring up—like one of those stop action scenes in a nature film as you watch a plant grow from a seed to a flower in a matter of seconds. Finally, I decide that I have had enough of the seminar and leave the building to drive home again. But when I get to the parking lot, it is full of cars—acres and acres of them. At first, I have no idea where my own car is, but I finally find it. But I can’t get it out. It’s blocked in by other cars and there is no way to leave. I call to the seminar staff to get some help, but they are all busy with the lectures and pay no attention to me.

Some techniques
While she talks, I am scribbling away: “driving, conference center, attend, lectures, weekend seminar.” These words will be used in the next step of the dream interpretation process. Stay tuned!

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