Friday 17 February 2017

A Car Stuck In A Parking Lot: Post #3

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I’m examining a dream about a woman attending a seminar. She leaves her car in the parking lot, but when she is ready to go home, she finds that she has been parked in. This dreamer does not usually remember her dreams, and she wondered why this one stayed in her memory, because it seemed to have little emotional impact.

I suggested that the only way to find out if the dream was important was for us to work through the interpretation. But I also said that if it was unusual for her to remember a dream, then the chances were that it was significant, even if it delivered no emotional punch.

On Wednesday, I posted the comments she made about each of her dream symbols. I asked her to talk about them briefly, and I wrote down her remarks. (See last Wednesday’s post.) Today, I have taken her remarks and, while sticking as closely as is practical to her exact words, I have reassembled her dream. I removed all of her original symbols and, instead, replaced them with her statements about those symbols. In the reworking of her dream in this fashion, I have also included phrases like “There is a part of me” or “inside of me” to remind the dreamer that all aspects of her dream are facets of her own consciousness.

Reassembled dream
There is a part of me that is going to my own inner destination. I’m headed for my internal gathering point of mutual interest or learning experience. I want to be there and participate. I will be listening to a discussion of an interesting topic inside myself. It will be an in depth learning experience. I leave my personal vehicle in a huge, safe and convenient place within me; it’s just for the time being. Almost no other parts of me are there. I arrive at the beginning of the session for me, and it is strange. Somehow, it seems that the thing I am supposed to learn is less important than my just being there. I watch as this place inside of me is literally growing from the ground up. It is turning into a major campus for education. But I reach a saturation point and I need to rest. Suddenly, there are zillions of parts of me there, and we have parked each other in so that we can’t get out. I ask for help from the parts of me in charge, but they won’t pay any attention to me.

Initial observations
It is already apparent that the reworked version of this dream has a coherent, logical storyline. There is a unifying theme, and despite the dreamer’s initial skepticism about the dream’s importance, it is clear that it references something significant for her. There are also some intriguing ideas expressed. My favorite one is her comment that “…it seems that the thing I am supposed to learn is less important than my just being there.” Tomorrow, we’ll ask her about that.

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