Friday 13 January 2017

A Dream About BART: Post #3

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On Wednesday a dreamer isolated the symbols in her dream about getting stuck in a BART turnstile. She then made comments on each one, supplying her own metaphoric associations. (Scroll down to my last post to read our interaction.)

Today, I’ll take her comments about each symbol and string them together to reassemble her dream in its metaphoric version. However, I will make one significant change. If you read her comments, you’ll see that she made them all in past tense. I will restate them in present tense. Dreams are most often commentaries about a current issue in the dreamer’s life, and it helps to hear the dream message stated as such. Also, I will add phrases like, “There is a part of me” or “…my own inner…” to remind the dreamer that all aspects of the dream represent a facet of her own psyche.

As you read, try to pick out the most prominent themes that are stated.

A BART user’s dream
I am using the part of me that gets me around my own internal community and greater metropolitan area. But I can’t tell if I’m coming or going, starting or finishing. I can tell that I’m with another part of myself, but I have no specifics on who it is. I have different types of relationships with the two sexes, but I have no idea which this is. I need to get past the spot where I get in and get out again. I have a certificate of permission to do this. It shows that I have paid for the right to use the system. My companion—who is a part of myself—has no trouble. But I’m carrying a lot of excessive stored mass which makes entry impossible. I try to find a way around my dilemma by going through my own inner control room. But there’s no way out from there. And the part of me that’s the control person objects to my being there. But she suggests a different approach: using an otherworldly substance that I have access to within myself. I apply this to my person, to my body. It is attractive and compelling—very alluring. It’s magical, and things can happen in this magic that don’t happen in normal life. I’m not yet absolutely positive this will work, but I am counting on it.

Initial thoughts
What a delightful dream! And one that clearly presents both the dreamer’s dilemma and the dilemma’s solution. The dreamer says she is trying to travel through the “greater metropolitan area” of herself. But she can’t tell if she’s “coming or going.” She’s with other parts of herself who have no problem with this travel, but she is carrying “excess stored mass.” She has the “certificate” giving her the right to do what she is doing, but she is experiencing problems. She tries unsuccessfully to go through the “control room.” But finally, it is a “magical” solution that gives her hope.

Tomorrow, we’ll get the dreamer’s comments.

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