Wednesday 11 January 2017

A Dream About BART: Post #2

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This week, we’re working on a dream about not being able to get through a turnstile on the Bay Area Rapid Transit system (BART). In her dream, the dreamer was too fat, even though in real life she doesn’t have a weight problem. Scroll down to my last post to read the dream in its entirety.

One of the issues that was bothering the dreamer was that so many of the details of her dream were unclear in her memory. It was a typical case of forgetting specifics as she tried to bring the dream from sleep into conscious awareness. I pointed out that this didn’t matter. All she had to do was to relate to me what she remembered—even the murky parts—and I would take a kind of shorthand as she talked. With very few changes, what you read immediately below in bold are my notes. Notice that, when she was unsure of the details, I simply included that as part of the dream message.

I then asked her to “Tell me about” each of the symbols that I wrote down, and her replies are to the right of the phrases in bold type.

Tell me about…
* Traveling on BART:  It’s how I get around my community and the greater metropolitan area.
* Enter or exit the station:  I couldn’t tell if I was coming or going, starting or finishing.
* Not sure who I was with:  I was with an acquaintance, but I have no specifics on who it was.
* Male of female:  I have different types of relationships with the two sexes, but I had no idea which one this was.
* Turnstile: How you get in and how you get out again.
* Ticket:  It’s your certificate of permission, but it also shows that you have paid for the right to use the system.
* Companion got through:  This acquaintance had no trouble.
* Too fat to go through:  I was carrying a lot of excessive stored mass which made entry impossible.
* Try to pass through attendant’s booth:  I tried to find a way around my dilemma by going through the control room.
* Only one entrance and no exit:  There was no way out from there.
* Attendant didn’t want me there:  The control person objected to my being there.
* Luminescent dust:  It was like an otherworldly substance.
* Sprinkle it on myself:  I applied this to my own person, my own body.
* Gold and shiny:  It was attractive and compelling—very alluring.
* Disney movie:  They’re magical. Things can happen in Disney movies that don’t happen in normal life.
* Walk through, hopeful:  I wasn’t yet absolutely positive this would work, but I was counting on it.

Some observations
Let’s take a closer look at one of the details of this dream that the dreamer was unsure of. The fourth symbol down is “male or female;” the dreamer couldn’t remember who she was with. Now look at her response. Rather than being unclear, her comment actually adds to the information.

More on Friday!

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