Wednesday 16 November 2016

How Does The Waking Dream Work? (Post #2)

This week, I am looking closely at the phenomenon of the waking dream. I am asking the question:

Do we make these experiences up out of our own subconscious minds, or is there some sort of collaboration that takes place between the universe and ourselves?

I am examining those events in our lives that seem to be exceptions to the principle of cause and effect. I used the example of a strange incident in my own life where I discovered that the connecting end of a computer cable attached to my desktop computer was dripping liquid. None of my computer “techies” had ever heard of this. No one seemed to have an explanation. Yet my cable continued to drip what turned out to be water from its end. Not until I replaced the cable and traced its path did I discover the cause: The cable had been routed in such a way that part of it went outdoors and was attached to the siding of my house. The outer insulation had cracked from the sun, and here in Portland, Oregon, where it rains a lot in the winter, water had seeped in and had made its way to the end of the cable where it was slowly dripping into my computer!

So this incident had a logical explanation. Most waking dreams do—although I can also think of a few amazing exceptions. But the event had all the qualities of a waking dream: It was bizarre and captured my attention. It was upsetting because I thought I might lose my computer. For a time it seemed inexplicable. And mostly, when I analyzed it as a waking dream, it presented me with a timely, helpful commentary on an issue I was struggling with in my personal life.

While it is not my purpose this week to post my analysis of this waking dream, I can assure you that, like all the others I have examined in this blog, there was a message that was poignant and appropriate to the moment and time I discovered the odd occurrence.

What made it happen? And why did I notice it at the particular time I did? Was it a fluke? A coincidence? Just one of those things? Or was there something else going on?

I long ago stopped trying to claim that these events are random oddities in life. By now, after nearly 40 years of working with dreams, I have witnessed so many of these “abnormalities” with their pinpoint-accurate messages that I am firmly convinced of their deliberateness. They happen with a purpose, and that purpose is to create a communication between ourselves and something that is larger than us. I don’t really know what that “something” is, but I know that it is observing us at all times, that it is benevolent, and that it has our best interests at heart. It’s almost like an over-soul or a higher, more insightful set of eyes that keeps tabs on us.

More on Friday!

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