Saturday 8 October 2016

A Dream With Two Plots, One Of Them About Einstein: Concluding Post

I’ve been examining a dream that has two plot lines. One of the plot lines is about a car ride with Albert Einstein who tells the dreamer that she needs to fall in love with a tree. Scroll down to my last posts to read the dream in its original version.

Yesterday I posted the results of the dreamer’s responses when I offered her the “Tell me about it” prompt. She went through each of the dream symbols and made commentaries on each one. We then used these to reconstruct the dream in its metaphoric version. As you read the reconstruction below, pay attention to themes: looking for (metaphoric) work, going off on her own, being especially bonded to something in herself that is rooted but reaches for the sky. Then being employed.

Dream reconstruction
There is a place inside of myself where I go to get work. I ask myself questions to match myself to an occupation that suits me. I see that in front of me, there is a part of myself that is carrying around extra weight that I don’t need, even though this part of me is very nice. Suddenly, I get a nudge from something, and I leave that place. I am out in the main part of my own traffic, and I seem to have my own private conveyance. It is being driven by the part of me that can tap into some universal source of wisdom and knowledge. Together, we are exploring all different kinds of places to live. This part of me suggests that I become extremely drawn to an aspect of myself in a bonded and caring way. This part that I am drawn to should be rooted to the earth, but pull my energy up to the heavens—like arms outstretched to the sky. Unexpectedly, I have a job.

The dreamer’s own comments
“I have been a spiritual seeker for many, many years—maybe even many lives. And there has always been a conflict in me about how to live my life. The need to be of service to humanity is a theme that runs throughout my adulthood. But there is also a part of me that is really monastic; I could easily disappear into a cave and stay.

“Now I’ve reached the age of retirement, and I am wondering what focus my life should have. This dream was enormously helpful. In it, I tapped into some part of myself that has wisdom, and it told me to be grounded but reach for the stars. In other words, don’t be governed by what I think I should do. Just be passionate and reach high. As long as my feet are firmly planted, the sky’s the limit.

“I will follow this dream’s liberating advice. I won’t worry about my earlier notions of what I am supposed to be doing. I will simply pursue an interest that I love, and know that I will be of service in my own way. Wonderful!”

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