Friday 7 October 2016

A Dream With Two Plots, One Of Them About Einstein: Post #3

It’s time to interpret the dream that features an encounter with Albert Einstein. If you’re doing your own work on this dream, keep in mind that your results will likely differ from those of the dreamer herself. There are no right or wrong conclusions. Dreams deliver personalized messages to whoever is working on them.

Scroll down to my last post to read the dream in its original form. What follows are the answers the dreamer gave to my “Tell me about it” prompts.

Tell me about…
Employment line:  It’s where you get work.
*  Interview:  They ask you questions to match you to a job.
Possible job:  I might have an occupation that suits me.
Heavyset, very nice lady:  She was carrying extra weight which she didn’t need, but she was friendly.
In front of me:  She was before me.
Something called:  I got a nudge from something.
Out the door:  I left that place.
Into the street:  I was out in the main traffic.
Car and driver:  It seemed like it was my own private conveyance.
Albert Einstein:  I always think of him as tapped into some universal source of wisdom and knowledge.
Driving around:  We were exploring.
Variety of neighborhoods:  They were all different kinds of places to live.
Fall in love:  Be extremely drawn to someone in an extra bonded and caring way.
Tree:  Trees, to me, are rooted to the earth, but they draw the earth energy all the way up to the heavens. Their branches are like arms outstretched to the sky.
Had a job in the office:  Unexpectedly, I had a job.

Restating the dream
This was a dream with two plot lines and implausible events. But now, notice how neatly the disparate circumstances line up into a coherent message when we “translate” the events into metaphors. I have inserted phrases to show that all symbols are facets of the dreamer:

There is a place inside of myself where I go to get work. I ask myself questions to match myself to an occupation that suits me. I see that in front of me, there is a part of myself that is carrying around extra weight that I don’t need, even though this part of me is very nice. Suddenly, I get a nudge from something, and I leave that place. I am out in the main part of my own traffic, and I seem to have my own private conveyance. It is being driven by the part of me that can tap into some universal source of wisdom and knowledge. Together, we are exploring all different kinds of places to live. This part of me suggests that I become extremely drawn to an aspect of myself in a bonded and caring way. This part that I am drawn to should be rooted to the earth, but pull my energy up to the heavens—like arms outstretched to the sky. Unexpectedly, I have a job.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk to the dreamer about this marvelous dream!

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