Wednesday 14 September 2016

A Vision Halfway Between Sleep And Wakefulness: Post #2

On Monday, I started examining a vision that a Caucasian woman had at a Chinese restaurant. She thought it might be a prophetic experience, but I suggested she look at it as a dream.

The vision
I was returning home after attending a weekend conference on metaphysics. The trip takes about 4 hours by car, and I noticed that I was getting sleepy. I was near a town that has a Chinese restaurant that I occasionally enjoy visiting, so I decided to stop there and get some lunch and a cup of coffee. They have a buffet with lots of delicious dishes. I was standing at the buffet counter looking at the various offerings, and my mind must have started to drift, because I suddenly saw someone on the other side filling a plate high with huge amounts of food—a real mountain all piled up. Somehow I knew this was for me, and I wanted to tell the man to stop because I couldn’t possibly eat so much. Then I snapped out of it and saw that there was no one there; I had imagined the whole thing.

Tell me about it.
She and I looked for the symbols in her description of her vision, and then I asked her to comment on each one, while thinking of it in metaphoric terms. Usually, I would give her the neutral prompt: “Tell me about it.”

*  Conference on metaphysics:  A gathering of people who are trying to find more depth and meaning to life—not just the things that happen to us on the surface.
*  4 hours by car:  It takes an effort to get there, but it’s not an impossible journey.
*  Getting sleepy:  My body was telling me that I needed a rest.
*  Chinese restaurant:  It’s food from another culture, but one that I am drawn to. I find the food delicious.
*  Lunch and a cup of coffee:  I needed to be replenished and reawakened.
*  Buffet with delicious dishes:  Such a variety of offerings.
*  Mind starts to drift:  I lose my attention and go somewhere else in my consciousness.
*  Filling plate high with food:  There is more nourishment than I can consume.
*  Can’t eat so much:  It’s too much to deal with all at once.
*  Snapped out of it:  I came back to myself.
*  Imagined the whole thing:  It was an experience that I had completely inside of my own consciousness.

Some initial thoughts
Notice, as you read through her comments, that there are two themes. There is one about consuming “food” from a different “culture” (think metaphorically), a culture that seems to offer a way to experience life at a deeper level. And then there is a sense of being fatigued and of being offered more than she can consume all at once. This presents an interesting dilemma.

Was she overwhelmed at her conference? Is she trying to grow too fast? These are all questions that we’ll consider on Friday when we reassemble her vision in its metaphoric reincarnation.

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