Wednesday 27 July 2016

A Waking Dream About A Fall On A City Bus: Post #2

This week I am skipping my usual examination of every dream symbol because I want to address other aspects of the dream phenomenon. Scroll down to any of my prior posts to follow a step by step approach to dream interpretation.

A hurtful waking dream
While this week’s dream tells an unpleasant story, please know that the young man to whom this incident occurred is fully recovered. I am using his mishap as an illustration because such experiences happen to all of us, and they have a purpose in our lives. We are not simply the victims of the random meanness of life; these events are designed to warn us about not being true to ourselves.  Here’s the dream:

Well, I have my own car, so it’s not as if I can’t get myself places. But there’s a really convenient shopping district right close to where I live, and I like to take the bus because it avoids all the parking hassles. Anyway, I was doing some shopping for my girlfriend’s birthday and had just gotten on the bus to come home. We were getting to my stop so I rang the bell, and before the bus stopped completely, I got up and started walking down the aisle to exit. Both my arms were full of packages. Just before the bus stopped completely, the driver had to brake suddenly. I went flying and hit my head on the box where you insert your payment. I was knocked out cold. They had to call the paramedics and everything. I had a concussion.

An overview of the dream
We’ll spend the rest of this post getting an understanding of this dream’s message. Then the posts on Friday and Saturday will be devoted to an in depth look at the waking dream phenomenon in general.

The themes of this dream are not difficult: avoiding the use of his own “vehicle”; preparing for a celebration; not waiting until it was safe to move; unable to protect himself because his arms were full; being stopped cold in his tracks; needing to summon the medical staff to revive him.

During our discussion he said he tends to be in a hurry in general. He doesn’t like to wait for things. We talked about this “celebration” he was preparing for, one that involved a milestone for his feminine self (girlfriend). He related how he had recently gotten some insights, especially at work, about how he had been dealing with his co-workers in counterproductive ways. Now he had begun to make changes, and it was having a positive effect. But, as usual, he was moving too quickly without carefully taking into consideration all of the consequences.

And then came the following telling comment which is one I hear frequently from the people I do dream work with: “You know, the weird thing is, I knew all that. I kept telling myself that I needed to slow down, but I ignored my own warning.”

More on Friday.

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