Friday 26 February 2016

Two Concurring Waking Dreams Post #3

I’ve been analyzing a pair of waking dreams that were simultaneously occurring in the dreamer’s life. Waking dreams are experiences that happen during the day while the dreamer is awake, but which we are choosing to interpret as dreams.

Last Wednesday’s post examined one of this dreamer’s waking dreams about a security system installation that was not going well. The interpretation ended up being a cryptic message--something about the dreamer wanting a better warning in regard to things (ideas?) that invaded his innermost space. He said what was going on was leaving him with his “energy, enthusiasm and patience draining.”

Now let’s examine the other waking dream to see if it helps clarify the issue.

The shattered glass waking dream
What follows is a summary of the second waking dream.

While paying bills in his home office, the dreamer heard a loud crash. He looked in the general vicinity of the noise, but didn’t see anything amiss. It wasn’t until his lunch break that he found himself walking on broken glass on his way to his kitchen. He realized that a thick rectangle of protective glass over a halogen bulb had come loose form a ceiling light fixture and fallen to the floor. This was a surprise because the glass had been firmly held in place, and no one had jostled the fixture.

Revealing the metaphors in the dream symbols
Next, the dreamer and I isolated the symbols, and I then gave the non-directive prompt, “Tell me about it.”

Tell me about…
* Bills:  I’m compensating those who have provided me with services.
* Crash:  A startling interruption.
* Lunch break:  A pause to replenish myself.
* Walking on broken glass:  Something has shattered and this is clear evidence. It’s also potentially dangerous.
* Protective glass:  The light fixture is very hot, and this helps protect you from getting burned.
* Jostling the fixture:  That would be disturbing the source of light. But no one did that. It just broke and left the fixture vulnerable.

Reassembling the dream
Now we retell the dream replacing the symbols with the explanations the dreamer came up with. At the same time, we add phrases to remind him that each symbol is an aspect of himself:

I am engaged in compensating the parts of me that provide me with services. There is a startling interruption. I pause to replenish myself and see that something has shattered within me. There is clear evidence of it, and it could be dangerous. The source of light within me is very hot and my protection against this is broken. This part of me has been left vulnerable.

Initial assessment
Both of this dreamer’s waking dreams have now been retold in this fashion. Perhaps you noticed that both of them have a similar theme of being left vulnerable to some kind of inner disturbance. One spoke of an “invasion,” the other about an inner protection “that is broken.” Tomorrow, we’ll learn what the dreamer felt this is all about.

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