Saturday 27 February 2016

Two Concurrent Waking Dreams: Concluding Post


A young man had a bad week. He was installing a home security system but was encountering glitches. Later, while he was paying his bills, he heard a crash which turned out to be the protective glass plate on a halogen light fixture which fell to the concrete surface of his garage and shattered.

These were separate incidents with no seeming connection except that they occurred concurrently. They also happened while the young man was wide awake, going about the affairs of his day. 

We chose to interpret them as “waking dreams.” What we discovered was, first, that each one contained a metaphoric message. And second, the messages were markedly similar.

As I repeat the two messages immediately below, you will notice two things. First, dreams in their interpreted form can sometimes seem cryptic and mysterious at first reading. It will take the input of the dreamer to see if there is relevance to them. Nevertheless, as you read, notice also the similarity of the two themes. In both cases there is an expressed sense of vulnerability as a result of something inwardly malfunctioning or broken.

Security system dream
There is a part of me that wants to have advance notice about what other parts of me will enter the place where I live inside of me. I need to install some components inside of me to help me do that. But the place where I live inside of myself isn’t designed for easy changes. I have trouble picking up the signals that come through my own air space. I consult the part of me that is supposed to have expertise, but I feel my energy, patience and enthusiasm draining. I feel caught in a bind and don’t know how to get out of it.

Breaking glass dream
I am engaged in compensating the parts of me that provide me with services. There is a startling interruption. I pause to replenish myself and see that something has shattered within me. There is clear evidence of it, and it could be dangerous. The source of light within me is very hot and my protection against this is broken. This part of me has been left vulnerable.

Did this make sense to the dreamer?
The next step was to ask the dreamer if he could relate to any of this: the need for advance notice of thoughts entering his own consciousness, thoughts that were too “hot” and left him unprotected, “shattered” and vulnerable.

He replied in a torrent. He spoke in an impassioned way about his tendency to impulsively act on ideas he had. He had a bad habit of setting them in motion before they were thought through, and then he would find himself committed to a flawed plan.

His two waking dreams were timely wake-up calls; he was about to do exactly the same thing again. He was being warned. Fortunately, he had the presence of mind to realize it through his dreams and make the necessary shift. Bravo!

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