Saturday 10 February 2018

Natural Gas In A Plastic Pipe: Post #2

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We’re looking at a dream that a contractor had. It was about a dangerous situation he discovered in the basement of a house where he found a plastic pipe leaking natural gas. He was alarmed in the dream, and then he continued to be alarmed after he woke up. He was concerned that the dream might be prophetic.

I made the unusual suggestion to him that, if he dealt with the dream symbols now, there was no reason for the dream to repeat itself and “come true” in “real life.” If he understood its message the first time, he would thwart any possibility of it becoming prophetic.

Although this was a brand new concept to him, he wanted to work on his dream, so we went right to it. We isolated the important symbols, and I asked him to comment on each one. I offered the non-directive prompt, “Tell me about it.” So, for example, in his dream, he talked about being in the structural part of a house. I said, “Tell me about the structural part of a house.” He replied, “It’s the skeleton, what holds it together.” In this way we put our attention on each of the symbols in his dream.

Tell me about…
* House:  It’s where you live life, where you eat your meals, relax, think, have your own space.
* Structural part of a house:  It’s the skeleton, what holds it together.
* Two-by-fours and other framing:  Those are the individual “bones” of the skeleton.
* One inch PVC pipe:  It’s a plastic pipe designed to carry non-volatile liquids.
* Non-volatile liquids:  Fluids that aren’t dangerous or explosive.
* White and typical:  Seemed totally normal.
* Red shut-off valve:  Also typical. It’s there to stop the flow if you need it stopped for repairs or just because you want no liquid going through it.
* Off position:  That would stop the liquid completely.
* Hissing:  Well, with a snake, that’s a warning signal. In this case, it was a clue that something wasn’t right.
* Not carrying water:  The pipe wasn’t being used for its normal purpose.
* Natural gas:  That’s not a liquid, and it’s extremely volatile. When it’s used properly, it’s really helpful. But if there’s something wrong—like here—it can kill you.
* Gas slowly leaking:  That’s alarming. That can be deadly.
* Check the valve:  I wanted to see if there was a simple correction, but there wasn’t.
* Gas still getting out:  It seemed like a systemic and highly dangerous problem.
* Gas line made of plastic:  That’s illegal, and for really good reasons. It’s asking for trouble.
* Should be metal:  Metal can’t melt as easily or be punctured. It’s safer and stronger.
* Plastic would melt:  It would deteriorate under extreme conditions and potentially blow the place to bits.

Initial observations
If you read his replies above, it is clear that the dream is some sort of a warning. Throughout the dream, there are images of something being dangerous and not being right. But what is the danger? Is it something external, or is it something inside the dreamer himself? Is the dream going to “come true” in “real life,” or does the problem necessitate and internal fix? Those are questions we’ll continue to explore.


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