Wednesday 8 November 2017

People Attending A Concert: Post #2

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We’re examining a dream about a choice that needs to be made. We have isolated the symbols, and I have asked the dreamer to comment on each one:

* Bedroom:  It’s a place where you go to repose, renew and replenish yourself. It’s a place where new life is conceived and love is expressed.
* Second floor:  The upper level. Look out a window, you see further.
* Building that seems to be my parents’ home: I didn’t recognize it, but I knew it was theirs—where they reside and make their lives.
* Parents:  The ones who gave me life and nurtured me through my growing years. We’ve had our conflicts, but basically, there is a loving relationship, even if it’s abrasive.
* Balcony:  It’s a structure high up that you can walk out onto to see further while experiencing more of a sense of nature.
* Village: A small community, not overwhelming in size. There is a sense that one can belong and make a difference.
* All of these people:  The residents of the village, the ones who make up its population.
* Walking in one direction:  Single minded.
* Event:  A special occasion; a sense of excitement and anticipation.
* Concert of music:  Beautiful sounds that can transport you in your emotions and spirit.
* Celebrities:  Those who have taken on special responsibilities in a public, all-encompassing way. They are on the front lines of the attention of people.
* Performing:  Do something that will leave an impression and be beautiful.
* Celestial and Spiritual:  Of the highest level of consciousness.
* I must be there:  It is vital that I attend. It would be a travesty if I missed it.
* Mother:  These days I have compassion for her. The job of any mother is difficult, trying to balance so many disparate issues and desires and demands. But there were times when I was extremely angry.
* Downstairs:  Oppressive. It’s where all the mundane things are done—all the typical female jobs that are done by rote and have no sense of satisfaction associated with them.
* Calling to me:  It’s more than a request. It’s practically a demand, and I resent it.
* Admonishing me to come downstairs:  She’s trying to make me feel guilty.
* Forget my chores and leave them undone:  That’s her priority, that I do all of this drudgery work.
* Clothes from an earlier time in my life:  It reminds me of the way I used to be long ago.
* Sister:  She has always been staunchly supportive of me, even when she didn’t really understand what I was doing.
* Golden socks: Gold is a power color, and it’s like a chakra on my feet—where I need power to go places.
* Ignore my mother:  Not having to answer to her.
* Appliances:  They do what they’re told without thinking; start, stop, plug in, unplug.
* No cars:  It’s quiet, no pollution, no fear of being run over.
* Right turn:  A sudden new direction. I’m right-handed, so it’s a direction to my dominant side.

The dream comes more into focus
If you simply read down the list of the dreamer’s comments, you see that the type of choice she is being asked to make is one with sharp contrasts.

Friday, we’ll reassemble this dream.

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